Sandeep Patil new SP


In a reshuffle of IPS officers in the state Belgaum will get Sandeep Patil as the new Superintendent of Police. He was earlier working as SP of Davnagere.

Out going SP Sonia Narang has been appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic West Division.


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  1. there is lot of betting going for cricket, n also many people r loosing money in these cricket n matka, what action the belgaum police taking on these bookies

  2. Sonia narang has been transfered because she was trying to control the land mafia in Belgaum which has been back and supported by Belgaum MLAs. Their henchmen are forcibly pressurizing people to give their lands at a price fixed by the buyer and not the seller, some of the builders are responsibile in this.
    and the other reason she was fired cause Mr.Kore wanted another lingayat officer who would dance on his fingers, sandeep patil is a lingayat officer…
    The Land Mafia will be back again forcing and targetting people who are weaker and cant get back to them not dare to expose them…

  3. I assume if someone is in news in AAB, they are honest. (Like story of Mahesh) Otherwise, such appointments/announcement in news make no difference to aam aadmi. Just because some one is in higher government post, he can't be counted as a hero. Heroes are those from whom people get inspired and see ray of hope. And people need those personalities in news in these demanding times the world is passing by. Not any corrupt, dishonest, money making, and selfish government officials and politicians!

    I hope Sandeep is one of those heroes people are looking forward to and I wish him all the best for his tenure in Belgaum and also wish he brings good change to the system and security in people's mind.


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