Sandeep Patil takes charge as SP


love dale belagavi

Sandeep Patil took charge as Superintendent of Police of Belgaum today.

He is the 67th SP and was placed in Davengere earlier. He is a 2004 IPS .

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  1. Welcome to Belgaum, sir. I seriously think that Belgaum city needs a Police Commissionerate. Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad and recently Mangalore have it. The second capital needs this.

  2. Sandeep Patil ?

    Where is he from ? Name looks familiar to Belgaumites …. isn't it ?

    Wish you a good luck officer….

  3. Mr Patil,
    Welcome to cool city with a warm wishes,
    you look so young, intelligent, smart, powerful,
    Hope it will be used in a perfect way & yield perfectly to the humankind, I would glad to see if you give respected value to your position, like Dr Abdul Kalam, Karnataka’s Lokayukta they gave a meaningful msg to the society what their position meant,
    Once again congratulations, wish you the best, hope to see you with a good news

  4. i can see at wat speed the belgaum police web is working its still with the old pic. if the web is at this speed imgine the how the police are working. congrats to them and their work


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