Saturday Bandh call by SRS auto drivers murder sparks tension


The Sri Ram Sena has given a bandh call for Saturday 13th February. All schools & colleges have been declared a holiday.
Belgaum even yesterday was disturbed and tension prevailed the whole day and the main reason of the tension was the murder of a auto rikshaw driver.
The reason for violence in Belgaum is said to be the murder of an autorickshaw driver in Marihal police station limits on Thursday night. Noor Ahmed (40) was murdered and his body dumped near Kalkhamb in Marihal police station limits on Thursday night. Tension prevailed in the area Friday afternoon after the news spread.
Preliminary investigations revealed that the murder of Noor Ahmed was owing to personal reasons. Unfortunately, it became a communal issue because of his religious identity and violence erupted.


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  1. Ya.. TARUN BHARAT should go out first. kiran Thakour should first learn the basic ethics of journalism.

    hey uday.
    why can't AAB come out with a news tabloid.. Atleast weekly, to start with…. What say?

  2. I really feel sad for Belgaum. I dont understand why each and everything has to go for bandh? why? what they will get if there is a bandh? in fact they are making businessman life in Belgaum difficult by doing this.. last time when lot communal riots happened nun of business companies wanted to set up there factory in Belgaum becoz that time Belgaum was suffering from which state it should belong to after meths Hindu Muslim.. common young guns of Belgaum and India.. look at other countries they are making progress we are still in Shit hole! why you want to ruin a beautiful place like Belgaum and make hell of it?
    I don't understand why when a community person died without knowing reason some other community has to be disturbed? and further more damage public and private properties of people we need to understand end of the day we are killing people who earn their bread by daily baisis thoese hamals who put them self to earn one day food. Theses SRS, MNS, Shivsena, MES, Congress, BJP did u ever thought about it? if u want to call band make sure next time pay them money so they will not be sufferd! these political parties are playing a dirty politics and killing common man! Jogo Belgaum ki Aam Janta! where is Kiran Thakoor? is he sleeping? ask him to Print his sensional news in his So called Tarun Bharat!


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