Section 144 imposed to avoid local transmission of Coronavirus


Deputy Commissioner Dr. S B Bommanhalli has issued prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and “The Karnataka Epidemic Diseases, COVID-19 Regulations, 2020” (12) across the district, until March 31. Unless there is public support, it is not easy to control the spread of Covid-19.

Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) imposes power to the executive magistrate to restrict particular or a group of persons residing in a particular area while visiting a certain place or area. This move was implemented to prevent a danger to human life health and safety and to ultimately slow down the spread of COVID-19.


ncov1It has come into my notice that there is a danger to the life of the common people and their health due to the possible spread of the coronavirus infection in the district so prohibitory orders are necessitated.
urrently, all arrivals in the district especially international arrivals even if asymptomatic have been isolated and the close watch has been kept for 14 days.

All interstate buses to Goa and Maharashtra including maxi cabs, trax, private bus operations, heavy passenger vehicles have been canceled as per the order of the DC Belagavi

If anyone has any symptoms they are requested to call 104 helplines and get assistance.



  1. Good move by DC. But this has to be enforced by Law. Our public will not understand the graveness of the situation. People , please stay indoors unless it is an emergency.

  2. See problem is that the corporation are so useless that they are not cleaning gutters and streets in many areas as well as the MLA’S of North and South division should come on street and go to every corner of the city with medical team to spread awareness but sadly nothing has been done.. I went to a local market today old age groups cough and rubbing thier noses spiting at road side won’t help at all that’s why awareness is needed.. no cleanliness at all… Hope BJP govt wakes up and tell thier workers to spread awareness by placing loud speakers on rickshaw and go to every corner big the city sadly the system is weak..

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