The Police in the city have imposed Section 144 from 7 pm evening (17-7-2010) untill 10 am 21-07-2010.

Section 144 has been imposed in the city after a BANDH call was given by Hindu Organisations in protest of a flag being burnt in the city today.


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  1. Yes, we all need peace, but the most stupidious act was to burn the flag.. which represents all HINDUS and not "only Marathis or Maharashtrians".

    • Shiv sena misuses our Hindu Flag for thier bloody acts..!
      Shiv sena should be blamed first..

      Why does MES always comes out with Hindu Flags during protests..?…Doesn't it respect the Hindu religion..?

  2. In the same way, Maharashtrians should also agree to make Mumbai,.which has 30% Gujaratis, rest Sindhis, Marwaris, Urdu, Konkani, etc as an Union Territory. Why double standards? All are trying to make Political benefits out of a non issue.

  3. Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan on Tuesday urged the Centre to declare Belgaum and 865 villages with majority Marathi-speaking population on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border a Union territory …..

    then why the hell the people fight to include Belgaum in Maharashtra …..

    when Maharashtra CM is not interested to include Belgaum in Maharashtra ( which is NOT POSSIBLE) .. then why fight for it ….

    • That is because of the pathetic – "If I don't get it, I will make sure you will not get it either" mentality.

      These fit for nothing MES goondas and mah politicians have made our beloved city a kusti maidan, and as a result its we who are suffering…


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