Senior MES leaders arrested


At about 5.45 pm there was a sudden rush at the Market police station and the by lookers were surprised with the media presence. Former MES legislator Manohar Kinekar was arrested and brought to Market Police Station. Later at 6.30pm former mayor of Belgaum City Corporation Vijay Pandurang More was brought.

Interestingly, the arrests were made after the office hours of the court.

Untill Monday evening, the police had arrested 12 MES workers under Section 143, 147, 148, 153(A), 353, 332, 307 R/W 149 of IPC in connection with the violence. Earlier, the police had taken 13 MES workers under preventive dention.

Totally 61 workers of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike – 31 belonging to Narayan Gowda faction and 28 of Praveen Shetty faction while they were protest against MES earlier in the day on Monday.

The Police may continue their arrest spree by aresting other senior MES leaders like Digamber Patil and Vasantrao Patil.


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  1. I must Mention that whichever name you here in MES team they know the argument is never ending Belgaavi issue but still they will take march make some noise and get into election in the name of Marathi, exactly the same way how congress makes Vote bank in the name of secularism. so people who are exchanging harsh feelings on this forum must understand this debate will create problem for my belgaavi people so stop supporting these so called MES leaders and understand the facts make your choice. Vote for BJP

  2. Look at the photo keenly, They all look like brothers in arms, The police inspector, who is arresting the Politician and other man who looks like a common man.

    Yeah you guessed it right, all Kauravas, all smiling, all shameless. Where are the Pandavas and the lord Krishna?

  3. Mr. Milind,

    I am smiling at your innocence and ignorance. When Mr. Antule Ex – Chief Minister of Maharashtra writes something it becomes true for you and when other person writes it becomes false? It is because, Mr. Antule wrote what you wanted to hear, so his words look true to you (it’s a human nature). When Mahajan committee was formed, Maharashtra government gave their consent and said it will adhere to Mahajan Commission’s report, regardless of the outcome. If one does not abide to his own words then will you believe such person?

    Marathi Sahitya Sammelean is not a government body or appointed by the government which can take decision. Today Kannada Sahitya Sammelana can also take decision to merge whole Maharashtra with Karnataka but it does not have any meaning. When I mentioned in my previous comment, I was referring to people (Freedom fighter and big leaders who participated in freedom struggle) who went on to form the government post independence.

    Tell me one thing; is 55 years not enough to learn Kannada? I hope you have learnt English in couple of years, right? British ruled us for couple of centuries and I do not have to tell what they did to us. Today we pay huge money to learn that language. Then what is the problem in learning the language which has never done any harm to you. Learning a new language, will not give you an extra edge in this competitive world?

    A Marathi speaking person (without learning Karnataka) is also able to lead his/her life in Karnataka in the same way as a Kannada speaking person, this itself shows that how comfortably Marathi people are living in Karnataka.

    • Mr Prasad Deshpande,

      Mr Antule has not written something which becomes true for us. He is lawyer/ barrister & after asserting he wrote the book & even Karnataka' s first CM Mr Nijleengappa had also accepted the marathi majority in belgaum & in assembly also they told that lot of marathi speaking area has been came in karnataka.
      We are not against the learning of kannada,it is good & beautiful language, & why only kannada , if we learn tamil also,will it not give an extra edge to our lifestyle?( At least when we go to see the hill stations like ooty / kodaikanal, we will communicate with auto / taxi drivers in their language?). You know English, your children are going to English medium school, but in home you communicate in your mother tongue only.We are making use of English for our commercial transactions & purposes & we do not speak English in our home with our family members, but in mother tongue only. ( even Americans also speak in their language & not in English,but they are world leader now) Lot of marathi peoples speak kannada & now in schools also kannada is a language subject, It does not mean that we should forget marathi. We are attached with marathi like our culture & child/ mother attachement.
      Marathi peoples are not getting jobs in government offices like kpsc,commercial taxes, banks etc due to poor or non kannada & those who have progressed they are in private & industrial sectors, transportation & in businesses.( Most of the marathi peoples who do not know kannada take support of Hindi/ English for their transactions). If Hindi is the transaction & communication language, I think even marathi peoples also accept it as it is easier to them.

      • Mr. Milind, neither I have ever told anyone to forget their mother tongue nor to speak their mother tongue in homes. If someone expects this then it is foolishness.

        I am unable to understand what the problem is. When you have learnt Kannada then communicating in that language (outside home) should not be a problem (no one is perfect in any language). Initially you will have difficulties as the time progresses you will become better and better. You can never learn a language just theoretically, right? You have to put it in use to learn the language. Getting a government’s job is even difficult for a person who knows Kannada. So many other things also matter while getting Government’s Job.

        If someone is looking for a state government’s job then obviously one should know kannada as he/she can be transferred anywhere in Karnataka. As far as Bank is concerned even if you do not know the local language then it is fine with banks unless it is a regional bank.

        If you see all IAS and IPS officers, even they learn the local language once they are transferred to a state. It is part of their job. If you see DC and SP, they generally speak in local language.

        Basically one has to know what they want in life. Ex: If my aim in life is to get a job in Maharashtra government then I will somehow manage to learn Marathi and try to be as fluent as possible. If I am happy without a job also then I will not learn Marathi. This basically drills down to Darwin’s theory “Struggle for the existence (Adopting yourself to the scenario) and survival of the fittest (getting what you wanted in life)”.

        Note: Americans speak in English only and they do not use any other language for their communication. It’s their mother tongue.

        • Mr Prasad deshapande,

          What you are trying to say is marathi people may speak in marathi at home but they should speak in kannada in society , out side of home, correct?. But one practical thing i will tell you that all kannada people of belgaum knows marathi also & they speak in marathi only with marathi peoples. The problem is in all government offices, it is not convenient with marathi peoples. Here everywhere in society marathi has been spoken, even kannada peoples also speak in marathi only in society because of marathi majority, So we are demanding that our government should be marathi communicated, ultimately maharastra government.

          If we need a job in Hubli, Davangere , Mysore etc then we should know kannada. If a person from kolhapur willing to do a job in bangalore then he should be familiar with kannada. Like that only, if belgaum merges in maharastra, lot of maharastra cities option will be opened for marathi peoples of belgaum to get jobs in cities like pune, aurangabad,nashik,nagpur, kolhapur etc. ( presently some bindings like, candidate should be educated in maharastra for a duration of minimum 7 years are there, which restricts the entry of belgaum marathi peoples)

          We know that IAS & IPS officers all speak in local languages, but where they speak in marathi here?. Marathi is the majority / local language here but they speak in kannada only. It is our big tragedy. So we want to merge in maharastra.

          Mr Hemant Nimbalkar , senior IPS officer from kolhapur, Maharastrian & maratha is in service with karnataka. He speaks kannada. But these are exceptional examples, & we are fighting on the grounds & the basis of ordinary peoples like farmers, daily wage workers,students etc.

          Some marathi peoples are working in abroad also, then what is the problem with karnataka? But these are exceptional examples & we can' t refer them with our ordinary peoples, farmers etc. You just go through the vidhuindians blog above, he has mentioned already there what is the real problems are faced by marathi peoples.

  4. Hi Milind,

    Hats off to you. I have been following this blog on this issue, but this is the most mature, sensible meaningful post/reply on this blog. I agree both Kannadigas and Marathis have their point of views. But people should understand the basic problem. This reply covers the major issues & needs of Local Belgaumites (Marathi Speaking).

    And to all those here speaking of DEVELOPMENT & COMMON MAN. Do you think that if there was no border issue here, Belgaum would have been next NOIDA, GURGAON or NEW DELHI???? (So called Developed City)

    Please try to understand the basics of this issue. The Issue is not about Belgaum city, It is the issue of 865 villages covering Belgaum, Nippani, Bidar, Karwar, Khanapur Taluka of the state. It is not about few hundreds or thousands people but lakhs together are affected with the Border Issue and Milind has rightly pointed out there problem. Each village, town, city or Metropolitan; be there a broder or language issue, a cry for development will always be there. No City is perfect nor will it be. But what I see here (in comments/reply) that only because of MES & this Border Issue; City has not developed.

    Yes I agree this issue has been politicized. Both for & against politician are making use of it & taking undue advantage. But tell me about one issue or problem of common man, or of Community or Region which is not politicized. Politics is part of our Social life and the politician will do there "DUTY".

    Anyone here if he is sensible & mature enough will surely realize the issue & the movement carried out for the needs to Marathi peoples. I am not or even Milind for that matter is not trying to divide the people; just trying to focus & put light on the needs of the movement.

    I hope people following this blog are educated enough to understand this issue. We the FACEBOOK generation youth are well educated and have not faced much problem because of this border issue. But please try to understand the problems faced by the farmers, students & local villagers coming to City for at courts, government offices, School/Colleges, market, Bus Stand etc. Do you think the officers, the system; the administration is of CONVENIENCE for them.

    To conclude, everybody must realize that Government is FOR people & NOT people for Government.

    Thank You.

  5. We marathi or maratha people respect kanadigas & kannada language. The fight is not with kanadigas or kannada language but it is with central / state government to merge belgaum in maharastra. More than 70 % of peoples of belgaum & khanapur taluka is marathi speaking. Our culture is marathi, our mother tongue is marathi, so we want to merge in our mother state.Here marathi peoples are not getting any government jobs because they do not know kannada & basic problem is that marathi is a devanagiri script langauge & kannada is a dravid script langauge. Marathi is familiar with hindi, gujarathi & north indian languages but kannada is familiar with telgu, tamil & south indian languages.Marathi peoples can speak & write hindi more easily than south indian peoples,like that kannada peoples also can speak & write telgu more easily than marathi or north indian peoples. There fore only in a maharastra / karnataka border this problem have been created though there are the marathi speaking peoples are in the indore of Madhya Pradesha also & lot of in Goa also. In goa most of the peoples speaks marathi though the state language is konkani. If goan politicians like Mr parrikar, Mr rane, Mr kamat , Mr khalap comes to belgaum they speaks in marathi only & not in kannada.In goa marathi peoples have not asked to merge in maharastra as the konkani is having much familarity with marathi.In mumbai also most of the gujarathi peoples know marathi & marathi peoples know the gujarathi due to the same devanagiri script. This is the main logic behind this issue what i feel. In belgaum earlier all record of revenue was in Marathi only, recently during computerization it has been transfered to kannada. This fight of merging belgaum in maharastra is since 1956,now 54 years have been completed, in this tenure lot of Marathi peoples have been shot dead due to police firing. Hence MES is not at all a gunda sanghatana, they are fighting for there rights & they kept marathi live in belgaum. In india democracy is here & we are full right to communicate in our mother tongue. In western part of belgaum, earlier it was a Uchagaon constituency more than 90 % peoples are marathi educated & speaking, how can they read the sat bara utara/ diary utara which is in kannada. In this case even marathi graduate holder is also illiterate.Now all revenue, court & all government offices working & corrrespondence is in kannada & even bus boards are also in kannada only which marathi people does not understand. Apart from this, marathi student does not get service in government offices due to non kannada. Thats why peoples are willing to go in mother state of Maharastra. Regarding development i will tell you , it will be definately developed in maharasta also. Is not Kolhapur , Pune, Solapur have been developed industrially? Anybody doubts please give a visit to kolhapur & Pune MIDC & have look of infrastructure & roads of MIDC, you will come to know development means what & it will be incorporated in belgaum also. ( WIthout development politicians & government officers will not increase their bank balance & assets either belgaum is in karnataka or maharastra, hence development is must for politicians than kannada or marathi peoples). Marathi peoples are staying here from last 1000 of years with their lands,estate & all families, how can they go in maharastra without Belgaum. Belgaum is our birth place & we want to take it in a mother tongue state. We are having the good relations with kannada peoples & they also agree that marathi majority in belgaum & taluka. We tried to explain the logic of this issue. Thank You.

  6. People have forgotten the passion for doing the right and constructive things. They want to read and indulge in sensational (even though useless) news and debates instead.

    People, please understand the fact that all this force should have been directed in a rmeaningful way, where the city and its citizens would have benefitted and our younger generations will live in peace and harmony in a land we all love. I'm sure, if MES had done this morcha for the sake of development of the city even if it was against the government/officials, against corruption etc. for the betterment of the city, KRV and Blegaum Next would have been part of it. That would have been a real democratically valued effort. We are all friends/brothers/sisters and neighbours.

    Languages, religions etc are made by us for convinience and communication; not to fight one another!

    We should all, the Kannadigas, the Marathas and the Urdus learn to live in peace, and have common forum for the development of the city rather than fighting against each other. We are all one in this universe, our body is made out of mostly recycled water, we all breath recycled air. The human body is reconstructed entirely once in a year because of this contineous recycling process, we may all (the opposite parties in this discussion) be sharing each others atoms in this recycling and rebuilding effort by the nature, without even noticing it.

    Then, why can't we share the land from which we are all made up of??? Whatever has happened in the past, we will just leave it to that and embrace the future with both hands simling, peacefully and with grace and most of all in unison.

    Let's do it for our kids and make a better place to live for all of us.

  7. Some Views:

    Maharashtra is not able to manage their own state then what will they do by occupying belgaum.

    The state has its own set of problems like the eastern part of the state is demanding new state “vidharba”, farmer suicide etc.

    Imagine if tomorrow bgm is put in maharashtra then what will happen? KRV activists will start rally against MH government. And there is no end of it and this keeps on going generations to generations. What is the outcome – forget about development only the leaders who are involved will get limelight and will keep on passing to their next generations as if they were freedom fighters the ultimate LOOSERS are the BELGAUM people.

    And Karnataka government is also done unnecessary activities like changing name of city, making all the boards in kannada etc instead of doing some development work. What is the achievement of doing these things? Are they become superior ? Instead these are creating reasons for division and violence.

    Rather they need to respect both languages and solve problems what people are facing.

    Study what are the problems faced by marathi people- what is making them to support MES? Some of the problems faced are they need all the gorvernment forms, sign/bus boards etc must also be available in marathi. Then what’s the big deal.

    Provide every thing in both languages.

    Respect all languages and culture. If karnataka would have done these things much before then most of the people would have not supported MES. Anyone cant force anybody to change language, caste or religion. Remember India is a democratic country.

    And all marathi people should fight against karnataka government for the problems they are facing rather than demanding belgaum to be made part of maharashtra.

    And 80% of the comments posted are either biased to kannadiga or marathi, which indicates that everybody only want these activities to keep on going, because of this the leaders are getting attention. Please avoid these activities. This is mere politics. And most of them are becoming victum of it.

    Try to post your views, thoughts, ways, solution which helps to reduce the gap between kannada and marathi.

  8. The ultimate LOOSER the BELGAUM people…. think and vote the good for nothing these poloticians…they know only to make statements ask them to work implements works….

  9. This is old issue, with few solutions

    1) keep this as seperate teritory and Marathi and Kannada should be official languages
    2) Let it be part of Karnataka BUT Marathi should be declared as official langauge as basic culture is marathi

    Lets all stakeholders sit together and resolve it peacefully

    • It was not onle Mes , There was congress MNS and Shiv Sena as well.And U cant go against the wish f the people

  10. girish aptekar ,

    MES appears to be an anti national organization like LET creating disturbance in Our country. MES needs to be banned like SIMI. Its a terrorist group in the making.

  11. These all are political gimmick,, arresting MES leaders is not a way to get out of problem.. people should understand their responsibility and not to follow leaders who try and get people support for wrong reasons…. past is past.. present is full of matured people, hence understanding at a greater length is all that needed.. analyse..:
    1. If Maharsthra says Belgaum to be included, what will be the deliverables from Mharashtra
    2. On a similar grounds, what Karnataka Govt. is upto.

    Mandate should be on merit and not on the basis of language.

  12. A question. If all "Marathi dominated" villages of Karnataka are made a UT then will all the "Kannada dominated" villages of Maharashtra too be made a UT? or both of them are proposed to be included in a single UT?
    Well said , Akshay . Nobody wants to deny justice to Marathi population wherever they are in karnataka . It is MES marathi politics which will deny justice to both marathis and kannadigas in belgaum . Their co-existence since centuries is at stake in cosmopolitan belgaum and places where both marathis and kannadigas are living in harmony .
    Those who are not happy with our comment on this issue , i would like to say that marathis are staying in Uttara kannada , udupi and mangalore districts in karnataka with kannadigas in harmony as kannadigas from udupi ,mangalore and uttara kannada districts in mumbai . Also marathis are staying in kasargod (kerala) bordering karnataka in complete harmony .
    I sincerely hope a solution is reached where both kannadigas and marathi manoos are benefited and not vote bank politics

  13. A question. If all “Marathi dominated” villages of Karnataka are made a UT then will all the “Kannada dominated” villages of Maharashtra too be made a UT? or both of them are proposed to be included in a single UT?

    • Sure what other option u have afterall you will have some buns,tea, vada pav ,little mutton and chicken enuf for yur stomach for a day or two.

  14. Its right to declare Belgaum and other disputed areas as Union Territories. These villages are facing unjustice since the states were formed by pushing them in a state which language they didnt understand. Yet from last 50 years they are forced upon the unknown language. All the demands are crushed by the Karnatak by use of force.

    • Mr Saheel… Even English was unknown to Indians once upon a time but now most of Indians talk or want to talk in English (even though they do not know the language, they will try). When we born we do not know any language…We learn as we grow. So the solution to the problem is to learn the language….

      This is an Attitude problem….

      • What attitude u’l have…to enforce all official documents in kannada

        even if ther are majority of peopl who r marathi speakin n many who doesn’t know kannada..what attitude was tht wen the MES leader’s faces were blackend…u jst sit back n think for ur self…just think y hav peopl led their life for this..nt jst ‘cos they were foolish…if u think ur an intelectual…then thik twice b4 u offence.

        • I tried to resist myself from replying to your worthless comments but was unable to do so.

          By the way, is Stag your name? One of the meanings of Stag is “The adult male of various deer, especially the red deer”. Deer means Sarang. I guess your name may be Sarang, I might be wrong as well.

          I have couple of questions for you, Sarang (I do not want to address you as stag because one of the meanings of stag is an animal, especially a pig, castrated after reaching sexual maturity):

          1. Will I get official documents in Kannada in Kannada dominated areas of Maharashtra, for that matter in any part in the world?

          2. Will I be honored if I pass a resolution in a city corporation in Maharashtra to merge that city with Karnataka?

          Many people laid their lives even to free India from British but today I feel there were foolish because we never appreciated their sacrifice. They never thought that we will fight internally, corrupt the whole country and spoil the country for our own benefit.

          Am I an Intellectual? Definitely not, otherwise, I would not have replied to your comments. I think multiple times not just twice before I write anything. May be going forward I will think only twice before I write :).

          I do not mind even if you feel my reply as offensive.

    • Saheel how about bombay and pune to be announced as Union territory, there are people from many languages staying in these places and they dont follow marathi… how many urdu people are forced upon to receive goverment information in marathi there…

    • If u give 1 biryani sorry vada pava aur zunka bhakar u can get 25,000 no 30,000 thousand as all marathi uneducated have free time to do tp.Put ur time in some constructive thing u will improve ,u will not improve by following these politician they get money to do these things and u loose money .Think and act dont act on what others think.

      • @ girish anna…

        ok… me as a belgaumite will support u and ur MES…. But, wat will we get in return..?

        Second capital status for Belgaum & Vidhan Soudha….?
        a university like VTU…?
        good Kannada education for all kannadigas in border..?
        ban on Shiv sena, MES & MNS goondas in border districts..?…

        Make a deal…..!

      • U r absolutely right Rishi….

        MES can't claim majority in Belgaum just because they make more noise and pelt more stones.. MES has been using innocent Marathi brothers for their political agendas… If there are majority marathas, why din't they win a single assembly seat in the border areas…?.. If one goes by actual figures Belgaum Taluka has less than 35% of Marathis… 50 % of people are kannadigas, and other languages like Urdu & Konkani form another 15%…. I think MES needs some mathematics classes….! 🙂

    • Do you have guts to gather the same number of people to protest and fight against poverty, inflation, curroption, price hikes, slums etc. Involve youself into development of Belgaum and not supporting useless people. Be it in Maharashtra or Karantaka its gonna be in the India only right?. First be an Indian and then be a Maharashtrian or whatever you want to call youself. Do you realise with such incidents how many innocent people, farmers, daily wage works have to suffer without their mistake.

    • Rishi/Amit,

      Self-realization is something which will not happen in everyone. For that they need to do self-introspection.

      There is no solution to an Attitude problem. You can teach a person who is ignorant but not one who is behaving like an ignorant.

      So your messages can not be delivered to the intended recipient 🙂

      • Let me clear MES gathered 25000 people just to show that Marathi ppl want to make belgaum officially part of Maharashtra (just on paper).
        Mr. Rishi we have lot of free time to fight for our rights (I don’t mind if u want to call this as TP) because ppl fighting for their rights know what it really means to them. You also mentioned something about constructively ….just think again where u r putting ur time by writing these comments :).

        Mr. Prashad. I really appreciate ur speech on Self-realization/introspection/attitude. If this speech is regarding Belgaum border dispute then read the history about this dispute (I guess u will be wasting ur constructive time by reading, as one of our pal as mentioned before). We are fight for this for last 55 years so we know what we are doing.

        Jai Hind
        Jai Maharashtra

        • Mr. Ranjit (i hope i have spelled your name correctly unlike you), All the best for next 55 years as well! Still we have 4,15,000 years for Kalyuga to end, so you can keep fighting.

          I know two things related Belgaum history.

          1.Making Belgaum as part of Karnataka was decided many years before the Independence itself (I guess none of the people who are fighting today were even born) and none of the Maharashtrain freedom fighter or leader opposed it at that time.

          2. At Maharashtra’s insistence, the Government of India constituted the Mahajan Commission on 25 October 1966. V.P. Naik, Maharashtra’s Chief Minister at that time, announced in public on 9 November 1967 that Maharashtra will adhere to Mahajan Commission’s report, regardless of the outcome. The commission was headed by the third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, Meher Chand Mahajan. The commission, upon review of Maharashtra’s claims, recommended the exchange of several villages in Belgaum district between the two states, but rejected Maharashtra’s claim on Belgaum city.

          Let me know what else I need to read to understand the history.

          • Mr Prasad deshpande you need to read the book on the Mahajan Commission written by Mr Antule Ex – Chief Minister of Maharastra, then you will come to know how false it is. Please make visit to Belgaum taluka (earlier uchagaon constituency) & Khanapur, more than 90% peoples are marathi educated & speaking. In belgaum also during 1966 more than 60 % population was marathi speaking. Even you may be knowing this, earlier all record of revenue was in marathi or modi only & not in kannada , & now during computerization it has all been changed to kannada. Mahajan commission report is FALSE report which is managed by karnataka politicians & in belgaum also before independance there was a Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in which resolution have been passed to merge belgaum in Maharastra, ie making of belgaum is a part of Maharastra have also been decided long back even todays peoples also were not born.

          • As I earlier said that we are just trying to make it official.

            Mr. Prasad, Milind has givin you some more inputs along with wikipedia details(which you have already read). Anyways I guess that is not enough for you, since ppl read only what they want/like to read.

            Regarding your name, I had just placed one ‘h’ in your name and you made it first point in your reply. and you guys wants us stop fighting for our rights…

          • Mr.Ranjit,

            I have never said anywhere in my comments not to fight for your rights. Everybody has got right to fight for their rights. In fact I said you can keep fighting and it was not a sarcastic comment.

            For Milind’s comments, I have already replied.

            Regarding my name, some people especially people from north India pronounce it as Pras”h”ad that’s why I wanted to clarify.

            I made it as first point because I started reading from the top so I have replied in that order.

        • I comletely agree with u Ranjit. if these KRV arranges for any protest they cannot gather more than 50 peoples and its a fact.

  15. Not a big deal. its not the first time. we will fight for our rights. we all are with you mr. Kinekar. jai maharashtra

    • Sorry bro but you are with Mr Kinekar but Mr Kinekar is not with u he is with Mr Money ,u loose in all this TP but Mr Kinekar will earn from this .He will fill ur minds with hatred and he will do his bussiness with kannada people.If he has problem with kannada people he should not earn money from then infact whoever has problem with belgum sorry belgavi being in karnataka should not earn money from kannada people or karnataka govt ,they should shut there shops and resign from there job including u if ur in karnataka.


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