Shops near Sai Mandir to be auctioned


For over 9 years these shops built by the Belagavi city corporation are officially lying vacant and now the Corporation plans to auction them.

This structure has been kept unutilized since it was constructed in 2012-13. Out of the 48 shops 35 have already been allotted but they haven’t been giving the papers of the same, so the persons can’t come in starting their business.


The corporation never completed the formalities then and the shops have been kept unutilized since then.

When they were built it was said that all the shop owners who lost their shops during the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana would be accommodated here. All false and fake promises they seemed.
The Vegetable market next to Kalamandir which has already been demolished were demolished on Wednesday and the remaining few will come under the hammer today.

Most of the shops here were of the persons who lost their shops in the 1993 Congress road widening. They were accommodated here by then-Mayor Late Sambhaji Patil.

But shrewdly the Corporation never registered the shops in the names of the affected and today all have been demolished and the persons who made their livelihood from here are now on the roads again.

They were removed from Congress road and then resettled here and now again they have been removed and this time they may not be rehabilitated again. For over 27 years the shop owners have been fighting for their rights but no one has heard them, and now with the demolition of those shops which earned them their bread they have a hard life ahead.

The shops near Sai Mandir will be auctioned and hence the shop owners whose shops have been now demolished will have to take part in the auction and get themselves a space for business.



  1. Are these shops legal which are constructed within 30 meters from Railway Lines ?

    Has City Corporation obtained NOC from Railways ?


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