Shrunken sized Flag to flutter again from R-day at Fort Lake



The National tricolor measuring 120 ft by 80 ft on the 110 Mtrs (from the base plate to Top umbrella) Flag was unfurled on March 12, 2018, at Fort Lake near BUDA office which will be the tallest flag pole in India.
The city made it to the news a the tallest but after a while, as the flag tore due to strong winds the joy was short-lived.


The flag could not even withstand the wind for a week and had to be brought down and new one hoisted back. But later due to the cost, it was decided that Flag would be hoisted on Independence Day and Republic day.

From this Republic day the 9600 sq ft flag has been shrunken to 5400 sq feet. As many as four flags at a cost of Rs.75,000 each made by a Mumbai based company have been ordered and received by City Corporation.

On 26 January the flag would be hoisted and if it can withstand the winds the same would be continued officials say.

tallest national flag belagavi belgaum
The Tricolor fluttering high at 110 Mtrs at Fort Lake Belagavi




  1. Tallest flag post is classic example.. even though elected representatives and administration struggling hard to put up one after another new projects on the #SmartCity basket, there needs to be complete ‘Life Cycle Evalution’ (Conception-Feasibility-Construction-Operation-Maintenance) before taking up projects.. often we have seen public money got wasted for no consideration for #Maintenance.. LED light posts, water dispensers, E-Toilets, Bus stops are few examples wherein there is no maintenance was carried out on regular basis and these projects are eating dust of the roads.. !

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