Smart solutions for the differently abled a must under Smart Cities plan


Amid all the craze and brainstorming over the smart city initiative, the civic administration seem to have overlooked a section of the city’s populace, who if, not equal consideration, deserve an even greater focus, the differently abled persons.

The immediate and unavoidable questions then are: Are smart cities only for the able-bodied? Is Belagavi really a disabled-friendly city?


Not many government buildings, movie theatres, roads, footpaths, places like banks, post offices are differently able friendly. The differently abled are left to fend for themselves in whatever way they can to climb up.

A few new structures do have  conveniences for disabled people but these are only one or two.

The civic administration while making proposal of the smart city must take into consideration such aspects which will really make this a smarter city to live in.

To equip the city with adequate facilities for the specially-abled, the active participation of people with disabilities can open up a wider horizon.
As per law all public places, government buildings, school and colleges should have ramps, elevators with instructional facilities especially for the visually impaired citizens.



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