Student killed in accident he could have been saved


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Girish Anil Bembalgi (22) a BBA student of Jain College Belgaum was killed in an accident and his friend injured when a goods truck hit their pulsar vehicle. The injured has been identified as Mayank Shrivastav also a student of the same college.

The accident occurred on Tuesday mid night on the Belgaum – Khanapur road near Khadarwadi cross. The driver of the truck has fled and the police is in search of him.
It is said that Girish did not get medical help immediately and he had to wait for 45 minutes to get help. His friends called for the 108 ambulance but it never turned up. When his friends contacted the Udyambag police station, they got a reply saying when the ambulance comes take the injured to the hospital. At last one Scorpio was stopped by them and both were taken to hospital, but Girish had died on the spot.

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  1. A Life is Lost, which one cannot get back at any cost, Its very sad..
    Guys!! be careful about yourselves if not for someone else at least for yourselves..

  2. We Drive Careful but these Drivers of Heavy vehicles drive blind its better to stop the use of this road and a new road has to be made by Gov for Heavy Vehicles

  3. Waiting for someone is seriously a waste , in fact its the result for a persons loss……….a loss of a child to give a parents, a loss of bro to his sister, a loss of a member to his family, a loss to friend loss ends in short a loss to everything and a loss of life….which will never come back. So please wake-up guys and start helping and give a damn to these 108……..they are just waste and never on time and result in loss of a life…….

  4. girish we miss u boy, may ur soul rest in peace and may god give courage to ur parents for this unfortunate event, not a age to die.


  6. same situation i faced with this bloody 108, i lost my father with heart attack as the time i kept called 108 these f–k–r keep enquiring and never turned up.

  7. Please drive safely…..Whole Belgaum khanapur road is the most busiest road in town so people should drive carefully …..

  8. I remember on 30th December late evening the same 108 series ambulance went in the wrong direction even when there was not an emergency to carry a patient had killed one person who was returning home after his work on the turn near Civil Hospital…
    What for these Ambulances are in force? Just to flaunt or for name's sake?
    May the authorities take a note of this. And let our Police mamas take action and steps to save the lives of people in case of emergency.

    We pay homage to Girish…

    • Bloody all govt depts are careless, even road side vendors also become careless & not helpful at this time. All are afraiding for police case.These police itself were the main reason. I will not blame police but i will blame these roadside vendors who were totally useless & even careless for their self family matters.


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