Tarun Bharat in top ten dailies of Karnataka



Tarun Bharat, which has lost 1.55 lakh readers since the last quarter is at No. 10 in Karnataka. The only Marathi publication among the top 10 dailies in Karnataka, it has recorded a total readership of 2.23 lakh this time.


Tarun Bharat is the No. 1 daily in Belgaum with a total readership of 1.01 lakh in the latest quarter, but it has lost 46,000 readers in this reporting centre in the last one year. This was reported in the IRS(Indian Readership Survey) 2010 Q3.

Tarun Bharat is on Position No.7 in All India Marathi Dailies list.

Top 10 dailies in Karnataka:

  1. Vijay Karnataka
  2. Prajavani
  3. Kannada Prabha
  4. Samyukta Karnataka
  5. Udayavani
  6. Times of India
  7. Deccan Herald
  8. Sanjavani
  9. The Hindu
  10. Tarun Bharat

About IRS: IRS (Indian Readership Survey) is the largest continuous study of the world with a sample size of more than 250,000 households across India. It has been providing invaluable information to the media and marketing fraternity since 1997.

IRS is the single source survey for media and product ownership/usage. The prime objective of the study is to collect readership information from a cross-section of individuals, in great detail, so as to present a true and unbiased picture of their readership habits. On the media front, it also captures information on television and cinema viewing habits, radio listening habits and Internet usage. In addition to this, IRS captures information on various FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products, usage and consumption and durable ownership amongst households. Since media and product ownership/ consumption information is captured from the same household, it enables linkages between the media and product data. IRS equips you with information that is truly reflective of the Indian population for making informed decisions.



  1. TB (TOTAL BAKAWAAS)…… D'nt always light fire between innocent people (Maratas & Kannadigas) and make money! TB Pls Stop these thing's and focus on City Development & other things and let leave city people happily & peacefully! Are Thakur Aab Tho SUdarooooooo!!

  2. @KAR & @Vishal Pawar!!!
    …the 2.23 lakhs peoples in KARNATAKA reading MARATHI daily are absolute fool & Idiots; and the only 2 'Brilliant & Sensible' person are Mr. KAR & Mr. Vishal Pawar.
    AM I RIGHT????????

    • One more addition to my List, along with Mr. KAR & Mr. Vishal Pawar; please welcome Mr. 2nd CAPITAL to the group.

  3. Dont seem to understand the comment. TB news was only published by AAb no one else covered it.TB wont as it has lost ground others also wont as they dont even show up.all the irs data is for ad revenue

  4. It is good that TB is loosing its readership. It is TB which is making more money out of border dispute than any one else. People of belgaum are fade up with TB. I hope it vanishes one day.

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