Tata Power Belagavi plant shuts down- being dismantled


The Tata Power plant at Auto Nagar is currently being dismantled after the govt. did not extend the agreement. The plant had a capacity of 81 MW and it commenced its operations on 31 march 2001 at a cost of Rs.230 crores.tata-power belgaum
This plant was a diesel generator based plant and had a 12 year contract with the Karnataka sate govt and had 37 employees.
As per the annual report of Tata Power the production was stopped on 28 February 2013. The Govt. did not extend the power agreement as the cost of power from Tata power very high than the price charged to the consumer and hence buying power from the Plant was not viable.



  1. Indeed.. had to happen!!! ppl have moved to Tube lights to CFL to LED.. the power consumption has gone down from 100% to 33 %.. Tata power is a company .. it needs profits!!! … well more and more are going in for Solar.. mostly educated… running a diesel plant with no power consumption with new demand from industry…
    Govt isn’t to be Blamed.. there is no NEW consumption.. it’s gonna shut


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