Techie from Belgaum jumps to death


22-year-old trainee software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services, a fresher in the industry, plunged to death from the 11th floor of an office building at the ITPB around 5 p.m. In Bangalore on Friday.

Selected through a campus interview in Belgaum, Sudarshan S. Moothedath joined the tech major on March 13. He was a graduate from Gogte institute of Technology Belgaum.


The incident took place around 5 pm when many techies were wrapping up for the day. Sudarshan, who was in Explorer building, walked up to the window of the 11th floor and jumped out.

Sudarshan hailed from Belgaum and his father was a doctor. Sudarshan completed his engineering in Belgaum and was staying at Sai paying guest in AECS Layout. The reason behind committing suicide is not known.

DNA mentions- He committed suicide on Friday unable to bear the work pressure.He was seen hanging around with his colleagues about 10 minutes before he jumped to death. The incident left all the employees at the tech park shocked.

ITPB authorities said that Sudarshan committed suicide by jumping from a window of his office. However, his colleagues claimed that ITPB was trying to cover up its security lapse. Sudarhsan had jumped from the terrace of the building, where no one other than the maintenance staff had access to, they said.

Source: Various media reports



  1. Sad to hear this. May his soul rest in peace.

    There has been growing dissatisfaction among employess. I am too a victim of such situation. Its high time that the HRs and PLs should understand how much flexible a fresher can be. Also please for god’s sake.. people have dreams when they come into IT industry. HRs ethically should care for that rather than treating freshers like shit.

  2. I still agree with the above "TCSer – comment". When it is said that he is a very cool guy, always with a smiling face, something from the HR should have disturbed him a lot. All human cannot be with same emotions at all times. Patience is limited in all human. So, with this guy, maybe they would have pressured on his work for his talents and that would have made him disturbed……….. His intelligence speaks that he was STATE FIRST in SSLC exams during the year 2003.

  3. i sincerely hope that nobody takes this extreme step.but everybody,please stop passing comments on what he should and should not have done.i hope his family gets the strength to endure such a huge loss.

  4. I dont agree with the above… and I was his frd… that was no reason to take his life… blaming people for this is absurd… Everyone faces such issues in life… even worse… Its sad that he took the extreme step, but no one can be blamed for his actions, if this was the reason!

  5. I am working the same portfolio where he worked. As per the information from his colleagues, He took this decision after his PM shouted on him when he asked for release.
    Whole TCS(Deutsche Bank Account) management is reponsible for this incident. Especially the project HR(Madulika Singh) and the project manager should be interogated.
    His family should file an FIR on all these people

    • Well then Madulika Singh Should be interogated then …. Its too much the Prjt Mgr also should understand these things. Now that these names are out. lets see what happens

    • Dear TCSser
      It is not fair to publish person names when you are not sure about the fact.
      I advise the moderater to hide the personal names from this comment

  6. I knew this guy…. always kept in touch with everyone… Doesn't seem like he would do such a thing…. very strange, any idea if there were any witnesses??


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