They walked from Nashik to Belagavi to create organ donation awareness



Organ donation is the medical marvel of this century and KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital has state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and expertise to perform complex transplant surgical procedures said Dr. V A Kothiwale, Registrar of KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research (KAHER), Belagavi.


He was speaking as the chief guest of the concluding session of organ donation awareness walk at KLES Hospital. 6 team members of “Federation of Body & Organ Donation”, Mumbai walked 775 Km stretch from Nashik to Belagavi in 40 days.

Enroute to Belagavi the members of the Federation of Organ & Body donation interacted with over 50,000 people, NGOs, self-help groups and institutions and created awareness regarding the importance of Organ donation.

Ognan Donation awareness rally-5Dr. Kothiwale lamented that the concept of Organ Donation is yet to gain momentum in India. He quoted per million 32% of people donate Organs in Spain, 28% per million in America but it is only 0.8% per million come forward to donate organs in India. He advised the participants to pledge their organs for the noble cause of saving the life of someone.

He also said Tamil Nadu state has taken great strides in organ donation. After death we bury or burn our bodies, he questioned what are we going to achieve by destroying bodies. He congratulated members of Organ & Body donation for creating massive awareness in society. He also said over 2,00,000 patients are on maintenance dialysis for want of kidney, 50,000 Heart & an equal number of liver patients are waiting for transplantation.

Sunil Deshpande who walked from Nashik to Belagavi said one brain dead patient can save eight lives by donating organs. He also vividly shared the experience of a walk from Nashik to Belagavi. He had praise for the warm hospitality and reception received at Belagavi.

Dr. Rajesh Powar presented the activities conducted by KLES Hospital for the promotion of Organ donation in the community. Dr. R S Mudhol, Medical Superintendent of Hospital said there is an acute shortage of organs in the country as very few come forward to donate their organs. He urged the medical community and social workers to dispel the myths and superstition associated with organ donation.



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