Three from Maharashtra with Quarantine stamp found at CBT: One symptomatic



Three people from neighboring Maharashtra made an illegal entry into Belagavi and a police constable on duty at the CBT found their hands stamped with Quarantine.


He immediately stopped the trio and called in the officials.

One among them was symptomatic with a fever of 103.

Constable Madiwalar’s presence of mind has helped to avert a major spread of the virus if he tests positive.

corona-virus covid19Havaldar SB Madiwala, who noticed the quarantine stamp on the trio at the Belagavi bus stand, immediately brought to the notice of the CPI Sangamesh Shivayogi of the market police station.

One is from Vita, Maharashtra, another one from Pune, and the third person from Maharashtra.

The person from Vita had a high fever and hence an ambulance was called and he was shifted to the hospital.

All the three were en-route to Badas village in Kahanpur Taluka.

Courtesy: BelagaviSuddi



  1. Why people cannot just follow simple rules it is not only them but society and country at large. It is for their own good to be safe and staying at home.

  2. I applaud and thank SB Madiwala. God bless you and your family good sir.
    To the three that entered illegally . . .
    I’ll keep my words to myself because my comment may get banned altogether due to the sites’ censor bot.
    Be safe.
    And stay blessed people

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