Tiger scare again in Karle village


The village of Karle and surrounding villages were tension and scared as a tiger was spotted by a youth on Wednesday afternoon.
This is the second such incident of sighting of a tiger.

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  1. Hello Vishal,
    I salute your pro-activeness and wish to join hands with you in sorting this issue. But, only problem is that I stay in Bengaluru and visit Belagavi only occasionally. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you being here, but I would surely like to meet you during my next visit. You can call me on 9964332252 if you have anything to discuss. I can try to mobilize some of my friends there to join your initiative.

  2. I commend your leadership Mr. Karhadkar. With people like you around we can make this place safe for both human and animals.

  3. My dear friends. We shall go to karle village and lets talk to villagers there and confirm if any arrangements have been made to catch the tiger alive . Friends, let us not keep quiet till anything bad happens again, ultimately hurting the people and the animal. We shall make the forest officials to make a decision as soon as possible to catch the tiger alive and free it to some safe forest. I call all those who are Willing to save tiger and the lives of people.

    If anybody interested to join me, contact me on 8792482487 .. We shall meet at a place , discuss the things to be done and act accordingly.


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