Trees planted in remembrance of Martyrs of Kargil War


The Martyrs of Kargil War were remembered today and the generations to come would also usher their bravery in the years to come as about 150 plants in the name of each of the Martyr who gave his life for the soil. shaeed-van-belgaum
From a Toddler to 80 year old participated in this drive. The sacrifice of the brave soldiers is being remembered by the Belgaumites. The trees would be maintained for next five years through sprinkling/spraying/dripping water with the help of water tankers (Tankers have already been assigned). The sacrifice of brave life shall never go in vain;
Anyone who visits “Shaheed Vann” at Vaccine Depot will be able to access the information on all the 730 Brave Martyrs of Kargil War. Our heartfelt affection are with those mothers/fathers who lost her son, Brother/ Sister who lost their Brave Brother and a big salute to all the parents who have inspired their children to be a part of Indian Army.

The event has been conceptualized by former Mla Abhay Patil.



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