Trustee war keeps Sai devotees away from lord


The Sai Mandir near first gate Tilakwadi has been in the news for the war within the trustees for a long time now, but yesterday in a utmost climax the President of the Om Shri Sai Samaj (a registered trust) and other members locked up the temple door demanding the arrest of Sadanand Prabhu and Mohan Chigre.

This caused a lot of adversity to the devotees.


The members of the Samaj are demanding action to be taken against Mr. Prabhu, suspended member of the trust, and Mr. Chigare, former councilor, for allegedly looting the temple assets and threatening the staff members. The dispute over the ownership of the temple has already reached a local court.

Failing to see any response from district administration and Police the samaj members locked up the temple at 4pm. The devotees approached the district administration to intervene as navratri festivities are going on and Dasra is the Samadhi day of Sai baba and hence at about 8pm the lock was broken by Additional Deputy Commissioner P.S. Mallapur. Police have been deployed at the temple.

File Photo by Santosh Purohit



  1. This is very sad! I used to visit the temple everyday since my childhood and the temple was in the municipal bhaji market near first gate. It was very small and peaceful temple. It was then shifted to a big temple with a big idol.

    Atleast we should leave the god from all these disputes. I feel money power currepts everyone.

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