Uffff!!! Smart City


Our beloved Belagavi has been declared a Smart City long ago and Projects/developments are on, to make it a Smart City – a joy indeed for all Belgaumites. Let us go a little deeper into the ground reality, to see what /whether the really changes are noticeable.

Yes definitely changes are visible, all major roads have been scrapped or are closed for white topping. Still, it is unclear as to why not even one single road is 100% ready.
I all began with the KPTCL and Mandoli road but KPTCL shows some progress about 90% but it still has Electric poles.
Mandoli road, better not speak about it. Only God knows what is hampering the completion of that road. In a meeting with the MLA it was said it will be completed in 3 months but no progress on that at all.


Belagavi city was selected in the first phase of smart cities but if you compare us with the cities selected in the 2nd and 3rd phase we are far behind. Maybe, for this reason, we now see all the works of the roads have been taken up at once.
See Mahatma Phule road work is going on for 6 months but is not completed. Congress road it had to get over by 20-01-2020 but still work is in progress.

Water pipeline

Above this, the major issues coming up are the laying of utility cables in those gutters.

In many places the water pipes have been now placed under the bed of concrete of the gutter, the same is with the Gas pipelines and electric cables.

They just crisscross at any height in the gutter. Somewhere its is beneath the gutter concrete bed sometimes over it or sometimes a side of it.

No standards have been maintained which had to be as we call it Smart city. The only project which is nearing inauguration is the command and control center which is awaiting inauguration and after that only we would be able to see if it’s working.gas-pipe-gutter

The lack of coordination is the key here, the contractor earth mover comes and starts to dig and breaks the drainage, water pipes, electric cables.
The height of all the roads have increased by a minimum of 6 inches after the white topping and already this year low lying areas have faced the brunt of it with heavy waterlogging, but there has been no reminiscence taken of that by the Smart city and nothing has been planned for it.

Roads which have been half completed have no correct slopes connectivity at the junctions, one has to jump at the junctions, so where is the smartness. The regular contractor earlier used to do a better job with these things.

The Smart city officials play only one tune, citizens will have to bear with us for a while, once the roads are done then they don’t have to worry at all.
Oh yes, surely all the citizens are ready to bear with but with the least inconvenience, here the smart city guys are causing most inconvenience.

Complaints have been made to Smart city about the manner in which the works are been undertaken but the response has been lukewarm.

I hope we don’t see any major calamity or accident due to utility cables. How will the maintenance be done of these cables, pipes after they go underground the concrete road or gutter is a million-dollar question?
God Bless us.



  1. Yes well said it is smart projects for contractors sake
    To make quick and smart money without any standard
    Not at all for public who pay all money and
    for govt official bribes they are getting richer and smarter
    This is India great
    Business is zero
    No one is bothered for petrol/ deisel hikes anymore
    on top of this we get full belgaum construction site

  2. For decades development is just name sake and there is no sign of beautifying our city by poor/incompetent city planners/authorities. Business are already reeling badly and inviting both local and foreign guests is a big shame and embarassment to business community. Current development has taken us backwards and CMO and PMO must be aprraised by us (general public) as well.

  3. Namaskar, It was a good opportunity to make standardisation of procedures and works in smart cities. But with this incompetent team of jokers of smart city one must not expect anything. It is smart corruption and projects are contractor friendly not citizen friendly.

  4. Have a look at Hubli Dharwad. The progress is so well planned.I think the worst contractors are assigned to Belagavi .They want to dig up whole Belgaum and leave it at the mercy of people.No planning at all.There are no walk away bridge .Except RS Circle and Nehru Nagar traffic light works.Whole Belgaum is in turmoil and chaos .

  5. Kindly name the contractor who used to do the regular work? Hoping to get a name since you have detailed information about the changes happening in the city.

  6. The whole city is digged out. example, M. M. Extn., City bus stand area, shivbasav nagar.
    I’m businessman now a days recession period is running & smart city work is crawling slowly. due to this project We are loosing our business &also in this problem the mall’s are attracting public by selling goods in cheap rate. GOD save us

  7. What a shame ! Where are the smart engineers, contractors and managing teams? Bring them on-board. Let go of the ones who don’t have the knowledge.

  8. Just imagine, if gas pipelines explode? is the material check and QA/QC done?
    Why wouldn’t the Engineering contractor submit layouts, plan a 3d view before digging and who approved their plans?
    Who is accountable?? MLA, Smart city official?

    All our tax money is spent so carelessly

  9. ಸ್ಮಾರ್ಟ್ ಸಿಟಿ ಅಂದ್ರೆ ಯಲ್ಲ ಮಕ್ಕಲಿಗೂ ಉಚಿತ ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ ಸಿಗಬೇಕು.

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