Underpass from City bus stand and Central Bus Terminus



The Belagavi Smart city Limited today held a meeting which it was decided that an underpass would be constructed to connect the City bus stand and the Central Bus Terminus.


In 2017 the Belagavi smart city Limited had made a proposal to setup a SKYWALK to ease traffic congestion at the Central Bus stand circle.

The TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING Pvt. Ltd who is the project consultant made a presentation on how the Skywalk would ease congestion at the circle.

The main aim here is to divert the walking public from the Skywalk from the Central Bus stand towards Khade Bazar, City Bus stand and Towards the Cantonment Vegetable market.

Now, this thought has come that an underpass will ease the movement of pedestrian traffic.




  1. Firstly, you do the roads. court underpass is just a waste. underpass must be created where streets are busy their must be shops and street sellers too for a safe environment. As that wont be safe (especially for females) if their’s no minimal underpass traffic.

  2. Wow.. Another money minting scheme for contractors and their politico god fathers. How much is the underpass at court used??

  3. Hope this would not be a shelter for beggers and stray animals… And the water drainage is well planned…

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