VP again mentions Belgaum in Maharashtra


Which bug has bitten the Vice Presidents office of India is unknown, but certainly something is wrong with his office.

Just after a week of apologizing for mention Belgaum as a part of Maharashtra, VP’s office has done it again mentioning Khanapur Belgaum in Maharashtra in a reply to a letter from Arun Dattatreya Sirdesai from Khanapur.
Arun had written a letter to the VP to get his attention to some unconstitutional activities of Raju Shetty, MP from Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Belgaum MP Suresh Angadi and Uttara Kannada MP Ananthkumar Hegde and the problems of naxalism in India on November 26, 2009.

Source: Express Buzz



  1. Belgaon was a part of Dakshin Maharashtra before n it wil be again be in future so he did mentioned… U people are afraid dat if belgaon goes back to maharashtra coz we have a lot of evidence of belgaon bein in Maharashtra so u people are doing natak of getting bhadotri gundas in belgaon n trying to show ur existence n make everyone feel ur presence.. hehehehe i always laugh on u people… Jai Maharashtra

  2. This is really stupidity, Belagavi remains in Karnataka and is part of Karnataka, those who want to create problem and not happy here can migrate to any part of Maharastra, just look at Bombay, why should anyone call it Mumbai, it was built by British and many migrantes from North & south India, why should Victoria Terminus be renamed as Chatrapthi Shivajie terminua, it was not built by Shivajie, but the British, who civiliazed India, these issues based on Language are stupid. The Vice President is silly, doesn’t know the biography, just signs paper with closed eyes, even president Prathibha Patil is useless, just see her speach in Soth America.
    First Indian and then Kannadiaga

  3. i see in the last few days the undertone on the lingustic emotion is very high and explosive. While love and respect for our own mothert ongue is appreciated we must accept teh fact that the ethos of belgaum is Bi-lingual. Karnataka or Maharashtra as political masters may not sort the problem. however basi rights confered by constitution to be be allowed to communicate and use th major spoken languages ina town needs to be implemented by every belgaumite. If we all speak both languages then what harm in allowing each othe rin using our own languages in official govt communication. Mutual respect is the foundation of indian pural society.

    We need a revolution to make BELGAUM a model and our weakness needs to be converted into our strength. Kannada and marathi needs to be formal official languages…. that is how Belgaum is… No one can cnages it or one one should change it.

    Jai HIND Jai Karnatak, Jai Maharashtra


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