IMD weather report two temp recordings on same time which is correct


The India Meteorological department on its website has daily temperature recordings on its site of major cities of India. AAB keeps following it daily for variations and today there were two pages of the same site which showed two different temperatures.

The variation isn’t much but still the timing of recording is the same but temperature is different. AAB followed this variation for over two days and same continued. Why is this I cannot say.


One page says 38 and another says 36.6.

Both sites are the same. Earlier it was and now on the same site a new site has been designed as All these temperatures are recorded at Sambra.

Till then you all can enjoy the heat and the say its too hot than the temperature recorded.



  1. Hi, i would like to clarify on this..
    The first one is the temperature recorded at 5:30PM at Belgaum
    The second image shows the maximum temperature reading during the past 24hrs ending at 5:30!!
    so 36.6 is the temp recorded at 5:30pm, and 38 is the maximum recorded during the 24hours reading which ended at 5:30PM!!

  2. Dear Belgaumites, Plant more trees, I did plant 2 tress my last vacation. We need to bring back the mercury to a pleasent reading say around 30 to 32 in summer.

  3. uday,
    temprature of belgaum are recorded at 2 places – one in the city n the other at the airport
    i sometimes follow these tempratures in deccan herald were they cleary mention these 2 recordings separately


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