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Monsoon takes a break

Not much relief from this picture

The much awaited monsoons as said by the met department did come a day or to late but after the first blood, monsoons have a taken a good break for about three days where there has been very less rains in the city.

The current forecast for the next 2-3 days is also not so heartening, where met department forecasts of isolated rain in interior Karnataka.


Normally Belgaum receives about 99 mm of rains in month of June but we have not come near that figure this year.

Temprature also has risen due to this and today it was 26 deg. Celcius.

Less rainfall will be a cause of worry for the farmers as if the rain does not come in the next few days, they might have to re sow.

The monsoons hasnt reached the northern part of India and they are facing the heat with tempratures reaching 48 deg in Rajasthan.

Pray to the lord Monsoons comes back..

“Ye re Ye re Pausa, Tula Deto Paisa ……..”



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