Pray to the rain Gods


For the past week or so Belgaumites are in the national media and all OB vans and reporters from unknown channels are also interviewing people in Belgaum.

But with all that hype around we will all need to Pray to Rain God, and if the rain god is not happy on us be sure you will face a lot of water woes in the year ahead.


See these figures which are Belgaum Taluka which are very disturbing.

In June Last Belgaum Taluka received 225 mm of rainfall while in 2010 we received 175.20 a shortfall of 50 mm.

In July 2009 Belgaum Taluka received 473 mm of rainfall and the worst till 15 July we have only received 2.1 mm of Rainfall.

This is a cause of concern. The Rakaskop reservoir which normally is full this time around still needs about 15 feet of water to get filled.

The District Rainfall(mm.) June July August September2005 217.4 334.2 190.3 225.22006 189.1 282.2 210.7 130.92007 275.9 220.2 189.6 165.72008 127 79.1 187.2 178.62009 113.7 391.3 185.1 220.9(1941-90) averages of rainfall 98.3 126.4 153 113.2

The above figures in the table are for Belgaum District and hence do not tally with the figures of Belgaum Taluka mentioned in the story above.

The farmers are also facing a huge problem infornt of them as they will be forced to resow as the current sow has not yet grown sufficiently.

Forecast: Scattered rainfall would occur over north Interior Karnataka with over cast sky.



  1. totally agree with the above comment.we have to make an effort to make belgaum greener.a campaign such as 'adopt a tree' could be started,where every household could plant a tree in front of their house and adopt it (look after its maintainence).instead of chopping the trees on rpd college road and angol road for road widening,foot paths could have been built from where the trees stood earlier.the 80 feet road should have been inclusive of these foothpaths.if this had been done,the road would have been pedrestrian free and adequate for the traffic.too late to talk about it now was a shame to see those wonderful trees being chopped.

  2. God knows where Belgaum wants to place herself ie :- In Maharastra or Karnataka. As regards the poor rains ,it is due to mass chopping of Trees.


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