Wholesale vegetable market decentralized into 3 locations



The wholesale vegetable market at APMC was seeing huge crowds of buyers and farmers. To reduce this rush at one place the administration has commenced 3 new markets from today.


Malini City, BS Yediyurappa marg
RTO ground Auto Nagar
Hindalco Ground

The aim here is to decentralize the activity by which the farmers coming for that side would go and sell their produce at their nearest location hence reducing the movement of people at one location only.

143 makeshift shops have been established at these locations.




  1. Photo says it all! How pathetic it is to see that,social distancing and personal protective equipments are not handled properly here. Basic concept seems to be missing due to ignorance of people. What does the health department and law enforcement officers think about this scenario? How do you control the spread of Corona virus ?

    God bless us all! Stay safe our fellow citizens!

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