Winter session in Belgaum


At the Vijay Sankalpa Samavesha held at Mahatma Gandhi Bhavan here, Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa said that he has asked his officers to get the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha completed by December so that the Winter session could be held in Belgaum.

BSY addressing at Gandhi Bhavan

BSY again said that the city of Belgaum needs more money hence another 100 crore package will be given to the city.

The Vishwa Kannada Sammelan which has been postponed over the years may at last find a “Muhurat” in January 2011.

He also spoke on the power crisis and said that by mid May situation will improve.


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  1. Hey Mr Nagesh,

    Why you bring two languages in between if you want to talk about the Belgaum’s development then just talk about that…Without Marathi peoples support Belgaum’s development never happen. Building the suverna soudha is not big deal but how govt concentrates on developmental works is the main thing here. Tomorrow Maharastra also come forward and they can also build the Suvarna soudha as the border dispute still in supreme court and they have all the rights to take such action and believe me peoples from “Belgao” will support this (After all we need the development).

    There are so many problems in our country which needs the attention of these babus’s but they seems to busy with filling their private bank accounts. If one project is sanctioned then minimum of 40-50% goes to their pocket and rest utilized for project work. Recently when the CM came to “Belgao” on Sunday 11th april their was no Cut off’s in electricity in the city for whole day but why they cut off electricity daily when people need to earn their rozi roti?. Why govt is not planning to have more power plants to generate the electricity to fulfill the citizen’s needs?

    So be united and fight for your rights. All religions in India are same its just politicians who wants us to divide for their vote bank and for “SATTA”.

  2. Thanks to our honourable CM B S Yadiyurappa… We are eagerly waiting for the "Suvarna Soudha" and " Vishwa kannada sammelana"….. Then our Belagavi will be completely kannadamaya…. No more MES… No more marathi's melava's,,,,,,,

    Jai Karnataka, Jai Kannada
    ":Karnatakadalli kannadigane Sarwabhowma:"

  3. Nice to know this. Looking at the location of the VS complex. I am sure it will be a great landmark and also a beatific entrance to the city. Hope Mr. CM will at least deliver on this promise.

  4. Mr. Chief Minister kindly ensure during Winter session,that your Ministers do not bunk the session and visit Goa,Saundatti,Kolhapur etc during valuable session hours.( As they bunked in previous sessions)
    The Govt. including some ministers may unnecessarily take blanket cover of state's language issue and divert the attention of public who may question on welfare activities.
    And as usual create debate amongst innocent citizens speaking different languages who may get misguided.
    Also it is expected by ALL citizens that, Public Money will be utilised for the benefit of general public and not for Babus as it happened in past.

    • Why always one pops up the language issues ?
      Something good going for our city right ? why always you provoke others to start internal fighting ? Is it mandatory for u to write about the border n language issue here ?

      Some say westerns are modern as they deal ISSUE ORIENTED and We are lagging as we are PERSON ORIENTED, its true here.

      Dont always try to catch up the person here on his language basis. if u want to intimate your concerns to the govt or CM logon to

      Please dont spoil the piece.

      • As always I have been emphasising I am not in support of any Political Party nor their issues.
        Also there is nothing to refer indirectly to porvocate the political parties or Border issue if u minutely read my comment I have referred to the ground reality of public welfare directly and what had happened in the past during adhiveshan.
        I really pity the Govt. for not thinking about the common man (whichever language he speaks) because every citizen is a tax payer. I dont know about you Mr. But being a law student I respect the law of land.I have freinds and relatives speaking different languages & i am not in support of any language either.
        Hope u will appreciate our thinking 🙂

    • there is no need to make an indirect reference… its the mes and its marati followers who bring up the language issue every now and then, and have been sowing hatred for decades now. why blame others? if you people were really interested in development and mutual existence you would have directed all your efforts in developing belagaavi and not by throwing stones, organizing melvas and conducting bandhs.

    • Looks like you people are jeolous as govt is organising so many functions in belgaum and also making developments….


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