Your mobile number has won 850000USD

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Wow!! My mobile number won 850000USD, when I got the SMS I was amazed at not the amount or me winning; but at how I got this message, which literally means my mobile has been stolen from somewhere. The best part is you don’t get a number to reply to the sms.

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Many of you must have also received similar kinds of SMS or emails like Microsoft Lottery, UK Lottery or from Kenya asking for your address, phone numbers etc.

When someone contacts them, you are asked to send some money for all formalities, which is in lakhs, and some fools do pay it thinking they have won.

These are all FAKE sms and emails part of a online scamsetrs who are making use of internet and mobile telephony for getting people into their grip.

Never respond such messages or emails. Just think who will pay you 850000USD?

Jago Grahak Jago!

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  1. same deal here….. i got the same sms..saying its some coca- cola promo…and i have won 850000 pounds….ya right…and the fact that it came from uk….thats it .. its a definite scam…..

    carefull ppl…dont fall into this shit scam

  2. Thanks for posting this article.

    There has been an ever-growing number of UK lottery e-mail scams that have been turning up both on phone and in the mailboxes – my first piece of advice is that you should always ignore them and delete them.

    • yes i receved now a SMS that say.congratukation !!!!your mobile has won 550000 ounds from the ongoing nokia promo for caim call +4470457624..
      when i type it in google i got your form !