8 persons give Aadhar AAB impact


It is time for you to pat your back, AAB readers; as the story on Aadhar home for the homeless[Helping the homeless children by way of SIP] received a good response not only in way of comments but also in form of money.

A Belgaumite who works in a foreign bank in Mumbai donated Rs.15300 and sponsored a child at Aadhar.

Seven others came aboard to pay Rs.200 per month to Aadhar.

Team AAB had published this story on a humanitarian grounds and the same was well picked up by you readers. Thank you for your support, those home less children at Aadhar will definitely have some more bright light in their life.

This story gives us great recognition and at the same time reminds us of what we need to doing in the coming years.


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  1. thanks allaboutbelgaum.com specially uday sir bcoz ur supporting real social activities like aadhar & another Ngo's.god bless u…

    agar aap story nahi karte to hum aadhar ke kaam ke bhareme nahi jaan sakte the…..thank u uday once again…all the best aadhar club..

  2. "In helping others, we shall help ourselves,
    for whatever good we give out completes the circle
    and comes back to us."

  3. its a great achivement. and i wish all the best to your coming activitias. congratulatoion to u sir. i have seen your activities in np.

  4. Dear Uday,
    I missed the opportunity as i haven't read the article published. Is it still possible to donate?. If Yes please share the details.

    Shivanand A


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