A philanthropist at 24


Anyone aged 24, would be flying high in his life enjoying his life either studying his PG or who has just got his first job. But how many of them will ever think that they have something to give back to the society at this age, not many for sure.

Meet Mahesh Jadhav, aged 24 who has seen a tough life all his years, has become a philanthropist at 24 by starting Mahesh Foundation a registered NGO.

Under the NGO he has just started “Aadhar” a home for the homeless kids at Kanbargi, Belgaum.

Aadhar will provide shelter to the homeless children along with education and skills of self employment. At this moment Aadhar has 23 family members as Mahesh calls them 11 boys and 12 girls all from Belgaum Taluka.

Aadhar has been set up with the help various industrialists who are like minded who have come together to provide shelter to the orphans. All orphans within the age group of 4 to 12 years will be accommodated to begin with. At this moment Aadhar has a capacity of 40 children and in future he plans to expand it to 200 children.

Aadhar has 11 board of directors including businessmen, entrepreneurs and social workers like Raju Malavade, Bhemu Jadhav, Shankar Pujari, Mrutunjay Hiremath and Renuka Bhosale.

About Mahesh Jadhav:

Mahesh is a diploma holder from Bhartesh and did his schooling from Siddeshwar high school Kanbargi.

He began his enterprising career from a small photocopying shop in Kapileshwar at the age of 20. After he was able to save a few rupees he got an idea of starting some other business and started Mahesh enterprises, a consumer durables shop. Later he started Mahesh Finance to solely finance the consumer electronics buying with his own capital of Rs.3 lakhs. He then started Mahesh Transport which now transports mid day meals to 54 schools.

Mahesh’s business is also unique. He sells all the consumer electronic goods majorly in the rural markets of Kanbargi, Honga, Sambra & Sulebhavi on finance. His 85% of the sales are under finance, and all this finance is done through his company Mahesh Finance.

Life for Mahesh was not angelical. He lost his father when he was a year old in an accident. His mother, a brave heart brought up Mahesh and other five children (3 brothers & 2 sisters). Now one sister takes care of his Photo copy shop and the other looks after Kanbargi consumer durables shop.

Mahesh told AAB that, bankers gave him a lot of support all through for his business and he fell into social service in 2006. From then on he has never looked back and he had decided then only that he would build a home for the homeless.

Aadhar is his first step towards fulfillment of his philanthropic dream.

All the best to him.

Aadhar currently needs your support and people interested can donate in kind or cash.

People who are interested in helping him in his venture could call him on 0831-242810/ 9164575327

Address of home: Aadhar, 792/1 Siddeshwar Nagar, Kanbargi, Belgaum – 15.

Email: [email protected]


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  1. Great Thoughts, Things get accelerated with the role models at this age, bravooo darl keep it up.You have mantras of success those will ahar and adhar for your strong will keep on venturing sucess will follows. THNX from KNP+ Bengalooru.N.M.Devendrappa.

  2. all the best Mahesh…. hope you will inspire the people of belgaum to do some Social Activities instead of wasting their money in non sense things….

  3. Then I along with my friends formed a group and every weekend who were free used to go over there and used to teach, help them in studies, show them cartoons, conduct drawing compitetions and much more. And it was really helping the kids. They all were very much excited and always waiting for the next weekend to arrive. Unfortunately it didn't continue for too long since most of us were busy travelling either for personel or official work.
    This can ony continue if the group is large and who are willing and interested to spend some time.
    Even now if most of us are interested we can form a group start some activities with the orphanage kids. It would be great, if AAB takes the initiative.

  4. Hats off to you Mr Mahesh Jadhav. I really appreciate your efforts in starting "ADHAR".
    I would like to share one of my thought on this,
    I along with my friends used to visit to an orphanage which is near new Belgaum city corporation in Vaibhav nagar and used to donate money, clothes, used to distribute sweets etc. And every one of us used to complain to the orphanage warden about cleanliness, hygenic, education etc.
    Then the warden told us everyone comes over here donates money and complains and goes. He told- he along with some few housekeeping workers cant spend time with each and evey kid. He suggested apart from donating please try to spend some time with kids teach them some new things, help them in studies etc. (contd..)

  5. Great job Mr. Mahesh!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot !!!!!!
    Its really Aadhar (a Shelter of trust,love n care ).
    All the best!!!!!
    and i request people to support him n help.

  6. Mind blowing! Unbeleivable.
    Intents of 1000 greedy politicians together can't equal an intent of ONE Mahesh.
    Lifetime social ahceivement of 1 million unmindful wealthy together can't even come closer to mindfullness of ONE Mahesh.


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