Aadhar lends a ray of hope to HIV+ girl


Puja (name changed) seven year old, HIV+ girl was seen residing far away from the village in Hirenandi village in Gokak Taluk along with her mother and two and half year old sister.

This is the story in early November when Mahaesh Jadhav of Aadhar and his associate Nagratna were returning back to Belgaum after getting a school leaving certificate done of a child who was earlier admitted to Aadhar orphanage.


When they inquired with Puja as to why they were staying so far off from the village she said that they had AIDS and hence were staying there as the villagers threw them out of the village.

Puja was staying with her mother and her sister who were on the death bed.

Seeing this the “Aadhar” decided to adopt Puja as she was looking strong and if good care was taken she would survive. Nagratna who herself is a HIV+ spoke to Puja’s mother and convinced her that she could live a better life at Aadhar. Puja’s mother wanted to commit suicide but did not, for she cared for her two daughters. Aadhar has also arranged for medicines and food for Puja’s mother and sister.

At present Puja is happily staying at “Aadhar” and has made new friends.



  1. Going to Hotels, Theaters and the different Party Places has become part of our
    Lives; but making sure that doing something which will help someone in some way should be our MAIN GOAL.

    all the best aadhar…

    thank u so much

  2. Lifetime social ahceivement of 1 million unmindful wealthy together can't even come closer to mindfullness of ONE Mahesh.

    great work aadhar!….

  3. "In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us."

    thank u Mr mahesh jadhav & Aadhar team
    U r Great work
    all the best….

  4. Baghwan aapko jyada shakti de..
    aadhar ke taraf se jo social activities kaam ho rahe sach me main hamesh website par aadhar ke stories ka intajar karta ho

    all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aadhar team


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