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AllAboutBelgaum.coms Belgaumite of the Year Award



Here is your chance to nominate for the AllAboutBelgaum.com’s Belgaumite of the Year. (no one has done this kind of a award earlier in Belgaum)


You can send in nominations other than the ones mentioned below by 22 December 2010. After that a shortlisted nominations will be open for voting which will be selected by the AAB panel.

One can nominate any individual who has contributed significantly to the welfare of Belgaum in the year 2010. (from January 2010 to December 2010).

Hence readers are requested to nominate by making comments or send a mail to uday@allaboutbelgaum.com with the achievement in short.

The First Phase Nominations:

Narendra Murkumbi—— For his dynamic leadership of Shree Renuka sugars and for two acquisitions in Brazil & also for being selected the ET Entrepreneur of the Year and also in the Super Rich.

Abhay Patil (MLA South)—– For his view on development and road widening

Mahesh Jadhav — For opening an orphanage AADHAR and running it successfully at such a small age

Dr.Nitin Khot —- as he is Appointed as special advisor to Sate Govt.

Kiran Kulkarni — of Geodesic who found himself in BW super rich list

Raghvendra Anvekar— The swimmer for winning Eklavya Award & Bronze medal at Para Asian games 2010

BCCI (Belgaum Chambers of commerce & Induatry)— for taking the common problems to Delhi and also taking a role in the overall development of the city

Dr Mahantesh Ramannavar—- for dissecting his fathers body


Event: AllAboutBelgaum.com’s Belgaumite of the Year Award

Owner of the Event: AllAboutBelgaum.com [AAB]

Event management: Personnel from AAB or appointed/engaged by AAB, who are responsible for the conduct of the Event.


  1. Any individual who has contributed significantly to the welfare of Belgaum in th year 2010.
  2. Any individual from Belgaum who’s achieved a significant feat in the year 2010.
  3. Any individual from Belgaum who’s brought laurels and fame to Belgaum in the year 2010.
  4. Any individual who has made Belgaum proud in the year 2010.

Contestants: Top 15 Applicants short listed after evaluation by the Initial Jury in Phase 1. The Top 15 will be announced by AAB on allaboutbelgaum.com on 17th December. Further to this announcement, should the public of Belgaum feel they have names of outstanding achievers who they feel have made significant strides towards securing this award and are not in the initial list of contestants, their names along with their achievements may be sent on or before 22nd December 2010 by email to uday@allaboutbelgaum.com

Nominees: Based on the emails received from the Belgaum public in the form of contestants that need to be awarded, all contestants achievements and profiles will be carefully evaluated by a hand picked jury chosen by AAB. A filtered list of six-ten nominees chosen by the AAB jury will be put on AllAboutBelgaum.com on the 23st of December 2010.

Winner: One Event Winner arrived at through evaluation by the Final Jury and by means of online voting by the public from 24st December 2010 to 02nd January 2010.

Initial Jury: Group of persons selected by the Event management who will evaluate the Applicants, Contestants and Nominees.

Final Jury/ Jury: Group of persons selected by the Event management who will evaluate the Finalists.

Conditions: All said by AAB and its jury will be final and binding.



  1. obiviouslt it will be Ragavendra Anvekar & Narendra Murkumbi . Ragavendra Anvekar has brought glory ,while Narendra Murkumbi has brought glory and expanded buisness in Belgaum .

  2. I have a slightly different take on this. Why are we forgetting Ms. Mahantshetty, a techie who served in US for decades as a sceintist and today he is running a microchip manufacturing unit in Nesaragi (a village 40 km from Bgm) who has trained and employed local village boys of Nesargi. This is something exemplary to all of us.

    I think he very well deserves this title.

  3. "AADHAR" is a very good organisation to the childrens who are "NIRAADHAR"

    mahesh jadhav doing very good work..

    so my vote to mahesh jadhav for aadhar

    all the best

  4. It is mentioned that the nominations should be other than the ones mentioned, so following are my nominations-

    1. Milind Gunaji- for doing well in Marathi film industry
    2. H D Kumaraswamy- former CM of Karnataka for realising the dream of holding Assembly session in Belgaum
    3. Prabhakar Kore- Chairman of KLE for exceptional service to the society

  5. yes…mahesh jadhav is right person

    aadhar is doing Humanitarian work .. M so proud of adhaar.. Lending hand for survival such a noble concept

    all the best

  6. I vote goes for Mr. Mahesh Jadhav for his Selfless service – For opening an orphanage AADHAR. Thanks! Uday given opportunity.

    All the best Mahesh Jadhav

  7. sab ne apne liye kiya hai lekin dusro ke liye kuch nahi kiya jiske vajaise society ko help hona chahiye

    mujhe lagta aadhar team strong Contestants in this competition

    aur friends ab hum ne aadhar ka saat nahi diya to sab se badi galati hamari hogi
    jo admi itne kam age me itna bada kaam kiya hai to future me Mr mahesh jadhav FOTHER TERESA HOGA jaise mother teresa thi…

    Mr Mahesh Jadhav Is real Hero of the belgaum

    all the best aadhar team

  8. Narendra Murkumbi, He's given Belgaum a new image on National front. . . and Well… Uday.. U have to nominate yourself.. You have been doing a fantastic job! I am staying away from Belgaum(Not that far though just 320 kms hehe) ..,But Allaboutbelgaum always makes me feel i am virtually in Belgaum..

  9. Dr..Raymond Lomax for her home fr d destitutes… even Mrs. Anita Rodrigues fr a parallel destitue home cause..

  10. Narendra Murkumbi & Raghvendra Anvekar

    sorry two votes at a time but I feel both have contributed equally to bring name & fame to Belgaum.

  11. i would like to nominate even Allaboutbelgaum on this list becoz the work which AAB is doing has Much more than words 🙂

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