Angol road Then and Now


Under the Then and Now series, in this particular story the time gap between Then and Now is hardly 4 days.

For development trees are chopped and made way for a more widened road on which we can ply our vehicles and emit more CO2 and the trees which used to absorb them have been cut.

THEN: photo taken on Angol Road on Tuesday 9th February

NOW: photo taken on same spot Angol Road on Saturday 13th February.

See the difference between the two images.

This is the tree which has been cut just near to the Shri Aai Kalavati Devi temple.

Najar milate hi hua asar sarab ke tarah

ki o haqiqat gujar gaye ek khawab ki tarah

hosh me jo aya to saya bhi na unaka

payadil ke chaman ke halat thi ujade bag ke tarah.


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  1. If these trees are getting cut due to master plan , simultaneously new plantations should also happen thinking of future. Otherwise belgaum weather will turn out to be very bad day by day as we are realising is now also.

  2. Its really STUPID to cut down these good trees.
    Once upon a time Belgaum was called to be second Mahableshwar.
    Now its going towards destruction day by day.

  3. World s talking about global warming and stuff and these people over here are cutting trees. What an irony 🙂 What an idea sirjee . . .

  4. Let the new road do come up and just Why Authorites the residents take up casue for evey falling tree two new tree, try planting Ashoka tree vertical growth takes less space, grows faster need less water, and there is road side shrub which can be palnted on dividers called Golden Dorinda looks green and shiney need less water.

    We need roads and Trees also Let Authorities support Green initaitives from residents

  5. We are the same people who complained about bad infrastaucture, narrow roads, development,,… blah..blah…!
    Why are we now blaming th authorities.? How can one widen a road without removing the obstacles.?

  6. I think this road badly needed widening. It is quite crowded particularly near Hari Mandir and hence good that the BCC has finally got time off from their quarrels. To compensate for the cut trees they should be grown along the new road.

  7. always there are people to complain. these streets are busy n all. n ow guys u all can suggest a plan to reduce the traffic and accidents.kuch pane ne ke liye kuch khona adtha hai. i admit its wrong to cut down the trees. ok among so many how many of u have planted a tree or watered it?????????? talking is easy nobody wanna do it though…..

  8. any programs by NGO's or volunteers for adding green cover, im ready to help something like trees4free an Bangalore based volunteer organisation

  9. when mother earth strikes all the development will vanish in seconds, development now looks very greedy not inclusive

  10. its really IDIOTIC!!!!our officails need to grow up!!!
    dey are callin it development>>>???lolz!!!
    people r fightin to keep mother earth outta all so called manmade destuctions n dese people r choppin trees!!really pathetic!!!


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