Child labour being used for garbage collection


This scene is not new many but even in 2010 such scenes occur is worst part for a society.

See the images taken by Mahesh Jadhav who runs Aadhar, a NGO. He took the images today at 9.30am at IInd main Ist cross,Sadashiv Nagar.

The garbage is collected on a door to door basis from each house and the contract of the same is given to a private contractor. These contractors make use of young children as seen in the images to work for them for low wages.

The government has outsourced the garbage collection work to a private contractor so that work is done in a good manner but the way the private contractors implement is the question.

Many would argue that these children look old enough or above 12 years, still a question comes to the mind when the government makes so many schemes for children they never reach where they have to.

What a pity?


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  1. Are…itke khaii phirnare yuvak astat tyani kahi tari kam dyana…
    Mala vaatat chhote tender magwa ani safai karun ghya….pan nahi tithe bhrashtachar ha aahech…

  2. thanks Aadhar & ABB team

    aap log sach me acha kaam kar rahe hai

    bagawan aapko aur jyada shakti de

    aaise news logo tak pahuchte rahe

    shame!!!! local politicians and government officers

  3. The question is not who is working & who has employed them………

    The real question is WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS JOB??????????????????

  4. Ya goa has these facilities… Its just because there is a huge income from the foreigners. And if the foreigneres notice that child is made to do some labour work these foreigneres complain the local NGO's and the social workers in and out of the country. So to keep a clear image of goa got they do these things but it is only limited on the tourists destinations and major cities.

  5. Its a Shame on Government …..
    these children's seems to an age of around 10 yrs. Now where r those rules and where is law????
    thanx Mr. Jadhav for ur support.

  6. i think labour department is just ment for private business not for government who is openly breakin the rules. lets see now what action labour officers will take against city corporation.

  7. Posting this on a hoardig is a grt idea. May be belgaum next can start a fund and sponsor this. We all will contribute

  8. Vacancy!!! Vacancy!!!

    Golden Opportunity for Young(Adult) efficient, educated male/females
    Salary negotiable, bonus, perks extra.


    Contact Belgaum Municipal Corporation(Contractor) right now.

    Seriously……..not kidding. Together we can make change!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

  10. The private contractor's exploit these children so Child labour needs to be stopped agreed… But practially thinking these kids are generally from very poor families and these children are kind of supporting their families in the daily fight for survival. I dont see anything wrong if a child (tht is if he is old enough to do tht work) wants to work out of his own will. Unless we have gr8 support system from the govt in providing for the downtrodden ppl like in the western countries. Even in goa a girl child if she studies in a school… she is paid some amount. This is to prevent the parent from sending them to work. Plus the govt here gives clothes ie school uniform, shoes, Bag, they provide good medical care, food… dunno if Karnataka Govt provdies the same.

  11. ABB comes up with such nice articles. Its worth appreciating, but
    I have a suggestion , Why dont we post such images on a well noticed hoarding in the city.


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