Differently gifted children swimming a new life


No longer are the children with disabilities left on the hillside to perish like the days of Sparta, nor do they spend their lives in beds, hospitals. A great deal has changed not only in rehabilitation science but also in the social climate has improved. New frontiers in realizing optimal health, wellness, and fitness are being accomplished through research, public policy, advocacy, technological advances, and training and program development.

There have been changes in attitude, system, facilities, educational programs, and school curriculum for Divyang jan. The Governments and Non-Government Organisations world over are making endless efforts in this direction.


The so-called “disabled people” are considered “differently-abled persons” or also as “differently gifted”. In fact, it is the society, which handicaps them by depriving them form the opportunities that they require to lead their lives actively. They do not want any pity but need encouragement in their efforts to overcome the handicaps. The society should see what these people are left with and not what they have lost.

To Bring these persons into the mainstream life requires offering them all possible opportunities, especially physical therapy, to improve their motor capacities. In this regard exercising inside water permits them, irrespective of the handicap, to move quite freely without calipers, sticks, crutches, or wheelchairs. Such an independent exercise program through unhurting active routines in water is called Aquatherapy.

It leads to immeasurable benefits and aims for ABILITY IN WATER as opposed to DISABILITY ON LAND. Aqua therapy emphasizes the prevention and treatment of neuromuscular complications. It is also useful for those with back problems, joint reconstructions, arthritis, stress-related injuries, and sports injuries.

Blind by birth he is learning swimming

The coaching camp is being conducted at Rotary Corporation Sports Academy’s Swimming Pool, Shri Basveshwar Circle, Belagavi in the month of February. 

Over 200 Children comprising of Physically Challenged, The Blind, Mentally Challenged, hearing challeneged and economically backward children have participated. The children are provided with Free Transportation, Free Swimming Kit, and Staple Diet apart from Swimming Training.

Many of the children who came here now are international Gold medalists. Many have participated on the national level.

Success stories such as Moin Junedi, Raghvendra Anvekar, Rajesh Shinde, Swati Goundalkar and many more have made their parents proud.

Blind girl jumping of the platform

Once you see these children you think these are really special children but they cannot walk or talk or see as normal ones. But seeing the enthusiasm at the poolside was amazing. Imagine watching a 12-year-old completely blind girl by birth jumping from a 10 feet platform with confidence, is amazing.







Furat & Zeba who hail from Kudachi, Raibag who are suffering from a rare disease and they need very special treatment due to their illness are now getting trained to swim and over come their physical disabilities.

Swayam Bandivadekar aged 5, who is mentally retarded has come here for training as the doctors said medicines won’t cure him, so you should try out Aqua therapy.

There are many success stories here, take Atesh Jadhav, who could not stand straight, after training here for three years he can now stand straight, see you straight in the eye and now he will be going to the aborad to participate in the swimming championship.

Sharad Kumbhar aged 8 years who is from Haveri is here with his parents to get trained and his parents told that they heard about this camp in a news channel and they have put themselves up here at a hotel so that they can get their son treated.

Moin Mustaque Junned, a native of Kudachi in Raibag taluk who has now settled in Belgaum, has been suffering from a rare disease of zero-bone calcium. Due to the delicate nature of his bones, he has hundreds of fractures all over his body. Moin neither could stand on his feet nor eat without someone’s help. Even a slight blow can result in another fracture. The doctors have suggested the family take the utmost care. He won gold medals in 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke. He has been trained here.

Zeba & Furat being trained

The children are not only trained by the experts but the elder children who have been trained here earlier take an active part in training the new children.

After the one hour of training, all the children n are given snacks after which they proceed back to their places of stay.

You can contact Umesh Kalghatgi – 9448187333 or Prasad Tendolkar – 9845429093.



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