Gharkul home away from home for the aged


“Dad- we cant live anymore with you, we have decided that you will shifted to an old age home”

“Mom-Dad– we have grown big now and I cannot tolerate anymore tensions in this house as I already have many in the office, hence we have decided, that you stay separately”

These lines are very hurting indeed but as a burger is a part of the culture now, even such statements are common, mainly in the urban areas. There are others who cannot live with their children because of generation-gap issues or extreme differences in opinion.

People who have cared for over 20 years suddenly become burden and when they really need support they are left home less, and for such people we have SWAMI CHAYA PRATISTHAN’s “GHARKUL”.

Gharkul (A Home and Hope for Aged) was started on Akshatritiya day in the year 2001 at the hands late Shri Digambar Pant (alias “Anna”) Parulekar in a small rented house in Tilakwadi, Belgaum. He donated Rs.1 Lac for this noble cause. The Home was in the same premises for about 3 ½ years. Later it was shifted to a better and larger accommodation in cantonment area of Belgaum that too is a rented place from 1st January 2005 in the compound of Late Shri Rustumji Ruttonji.

GHARKUL is managed by SWAMI CHAYA PRATISTHAN established in 2001,in association with like minded people to provide shelter and homely atmosphere to senior citizens.

The number of inmates have increased due to the home’s endeavor to give better and homely atmosphere to the old aged from various walks of life who had to leave their homes under various circumstances. A shelter is needed for old aged unmarried citizens, the widows, the spinsters, parents of children who are away abroad for better life and better career and of course those old age people who are abandoned by their children. There are currently 90 inmates.

Though the concept of Vrudhashram (Old Age Homes) doesn’t fit in our Indian Culture, it is the need of the hour due to various reasons.Proposed new building

The foundation of Gharkul was laid by Mukund Potdar, who said he is investing Rs.1 lakh and opened Gharkul with two inmates.

Typically, while registering a new resident, a small deposit, commitment to a monthly payment, and a medical certificate saying the person does not suffer from a contagious disease is all what is required. Two cooks reside on the premises to provide three meals a day. Arrangements are made so residents can visit banks, stores or temples as needed. A doctor visits the home on a regular basis taking care of the medical needs.

The inmates range in the age group of 60 to 81 years and the number currently stands at .

The trust aims to have their own premises with a decent individual accommodation for each resident with attached amenities.

The Trust has purchased 4 guntas of land ie 54000 Sq Fts. on Rakaskop Road, Benakanhalli Village, about 7 KMs from Belgaum for the new home.

“Bhoomi Pooja” was done of GHARKUL and temple on 1st May 2010 on the eve of the home’s ‘Anniversary Day’ at the hands of Hon’ble Sri Sanjay Patil M. L.A. Belgaum Rural and Sri Anil Potdar, Ex-Chairman BUDA. The actual construction work has already begun in the month of July 2010 under the guidance and architecture of renowned Architect Sri R D Shanbag.

Though the proposed building of GHARKUL will be two-storied, to start with, they intend to construct only the ground floor with an area of about 8500 Sq. Fts. The Estimated cost of the Project including the Temple is around Rs. 80 lakhs. In the first phase of construction, they intend to complete 50 % of the ground floor and shift to the new premises by our next ‘Anniversary’ which will mark our eventful ‘10th Anniversary’. The estimated cost for first phase is about Rs. 60 lakh.

The trust has appealed to all kind-hearted people to contribute for this noble cause and help them to facilitate the needy senior citizens in a better way. The trust is registered and all donations will get the benefit under IT laws.

Donations may kindly be remitted by cash/ Cheque in Favour of“SWAMI CHAYA PRATISTHAN”
B.C.71/2, Elphiston Road, Opp. Officer’s Mess Camp, BELGAUM-1

Phone:0831-2469047 Mobile:09448989683



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  1. I shortly visited Gharkul. It has developed very good. Residents feel as it is there on home. Food quality is also very good.
    Presently a small garden has been developed in Gharkul premises for members to sit and enjoy.

  2. I wish to keep my Mother aged 91 in your Gurukul as I wish to visit Canada for about 6 months. My mother is partially handicapped and is diabetic patient. Please advise me the procedure to keep her in your Gurukul. I am ready fulfill your requirements

  3. Wow this is really a million times great job!!! Feels so good when we come to know that even now there are good people existing on earth. Zillions of thanks for the organisers.. Great work and god's work, this is…… Keep it up 🙂 Cheers..

  4. Hey I know this family very well, the lady who is there her name was Usha. I know what had happened with them.

    Hey Udhay tons of thanks to showing this picture.



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