Railway police Cops taking bribes caught red handed by Patrika correspondent Prakash Bilgoji


Source: Rajasthna Patrika by Prakash Bilgoji

In a sting operation undertaken by reporter of Patrika Mr.Prakash Bilgoji at the Belgaum railway station, a railway police cop was caught on camera accepting money.


Numerous people go to the railway station to leave someone or otherwise and there are a few railway police cops who collect money for no reason. Daily collection is about Rs.2000 from the visitors. You are not given a challan or a receipt but just asked to pay a fine, so one can understand where this money goes. Similar complaints have been made earlier as well, but no one went to the root of it.Cop Krishnamurthy taking moneyKrishnamurthy counting the moneyKrishnamurthy counting the money

Rajesh Sutar who was there to leave his friend had to pay Rs.300 as the cop Krishnamurthy asked for his license and other documents etc inside station premises.

The authorities have sleeked more information on this and will taken action soon. SP Sonia Narang said that, no local police or traffic constables are deployed at the railway station, it is the GRP who is in charge of this.



  1. Good attempt, but unfortunately nothing will happen. Since, our total system is corrupt from top to bottom. Every day infront of the public these traffic police at Gogte Circle are taking bribe without any fear bcause they are confident that nothing will happen. MERA BHARAT MAHAN


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