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Son to dissect his fathers body


The heading may seem to be a bit bizarre but this is the truth. A son will dissect his own father’s body.

This may be the first of its kind in India as well.


Dr Mahantesh Ramannavar will dissect his father’s body (Dr.Basevanappa S Rammannavar Bailhongal) as this was his fathers wish and that Dr.Mahantesh had no choice but to do this, and his father had prepared him about doing this when he was alive.

Dr.Mahantesh works at the KLE’s Kankanwadi Ayurved medical college in the city and he will be dissecting his fathers body on second death anniversary which falls on 13 November. Dr.Mahantesh has done his MD in Anatomy from Shri Dharmasthala Manjunath Ayurvedic College.

Dr.Mahantesh explaining Anatomy making use of his fathers body

His father who also was a well known Dental Ayurvedic doctor, who also fought in India’s freedom struggle died two years ago at the age of 89 and made a wish that his body will made use for medical research.

For the past two years Mahanetsh is using his fathers body to explain the anatomy to the students of the college.

This decision has not upset his mother or family members as this was his fathers wish.

All the family members of the family have vowed for cadaver donations. Dr Mahantesh set up a charitable trust for body, organ and eye donation. So far, over 100 persons have registered for body donation.



  1. really iam proud of myself that iam studying in kle institute. this is a very good way to give msg to public from which they come forward to donate body.

  2. good job BBC……..
    and great teacher who teach all the world a great lesson.


    ''Don't think of organ donations and body donation as giving up part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive. It's really a total stranger giving up almost all of themselves to keep part of you alive.''

    • The story was published by BBC yesterday wheres local news papers it was published long back. And the same photo was published all over part of a release. The current article has lot more information than the BBC site

  3. we r glad 2 be your students sir……hope your potential and dedication will never fade……let the almighty god grant you all the grace….

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