We are Belgaumites


Belgaum is in the news again and the entire print media including regional have written on the Centre’s affidavit on the Border issue. The Marathi Media showcased its side while the Kannada its side.

The English media took a fifty fifty stand.


But my question to all residents of Belgaum, (we hope we can call our selves Belgaumites with no language bias again) is what difference has this particular reply by the Central government made to us.

Belgaumites are moving on with their lives in a city, which they feel, needs infrastructure and industrial development more than linguistic oneupmanship.

Still the case is hearing and when the final verdict will be out is not known. The Supreme Court will also understand the nature of this case and not give any decision in a haste.

Many people we spoke to said that, they never felt that there was a issue and status quo should be maintained.

College going students never realized that this kind of issue exists and they said what difference does it make if one speaks Kannada and other Marathi. In fact everyone has friend whose mother tongue is Marathi or Kannada and we together spend hours together chatting.

Many people who were born here studied here and then went out for work, spent their entire life working and now have come back to Belgaum to live a peaceful life. Their demand is a more better developed Belgaum.

Take it to be city’s bad luck but the name of our city is in the limelight for non developmental issues rather than developmental.

Belgaum belongs to Belgaumites and we should forget the past, the past has only spoken of warriors and not good administrators who were pro people and development of society, thats we act in aggression and harsh ways. if in our past we had good administrators ruling us who gave importance to good culture and development of society Belgaumites today would not be fighting on language issue rather we would have been a more advanced community with all the natural resources that god has gifted us in Belgaum. Our rulers were mere tax collectors, tomb builders, religion enforcers. Lets forget the past and join hands for development, I am sure they youth of Belgaum irrespective of language only need development and respect both languages and cultures. It is time to move on, unite and consolidate for a better future.

Many rejoiced when this particular reply was filed in the Supreme court, but what difference has it made to us? We have the same roads, same water supply, same electric supply. We have no great options for amusement and when some guests come here and when they ask,” what is there in your city to see?” we are in a fix. I have seen people ask me where can I take my guests out for sight seeing in the city.

This linguistic domination of one group will take us back and not forward.

Many would argue that, previous governments have harassed us and as a city we have not got what we should have got as being one of the highest tax payers to the state after Bangalore.

But here we are not understanding the “Raajneeti”. Politicians use this language card and play with the emotions, they succeed we fail.

If we come together and form a Belgaum where we dont entertain them they have no option. We are only responsible for all this. In a market, goods are sold only when there is a market.

We all Belgaumites need to come aboard a platform and get work done from the govt.
Platforms BELGAUMNEXT having this same thought are working towards a better Belgaum.

Development of Belgaum is most important thing. Let energies be diverted in the right channel wherein it benefits people, its easy to provoke people on language and religion but not on constructive issues.

We are sure living with pride and respect is more important than in which state. Cant we have a situation while in Karnataka that no one misses what they feel they miss. Belgaum is Bi-lingual is a known fact ; history speaks of this for the last 500 years.

Be proud Belgaumite.



  1. Wat the hell is this… Why all we fighting marathis & kaanadis.. We are Indians first.. we are the fool to fight… its all boz of Politicians.. Open ur eyes Guys…and stay happy.. be cool…Enjoy the life in Belgaum

    and lastly.. think that BELGAUM is in INDIA…

  2. Hello,
    I dont think anyone in belgaum knows what the problem is really! Media is showing and displaying many things that are not existing. I am from Belgaum, i really dont see any problem there. People are peace loving and entire population is mix of marathi and kannadigas evenly. We are first Indians, we are neither marathis or kannadigas. Petty polititians make a big issue out of no issue. I dont think any marathi speaking person in belgaum has any problem living in belgaum. It is utter nonsens!!!!

    Pl who are living in belgaum, dont allow this to happen.

  3. Very good article uday.

    people shd understand this & give more focus on developing belgaum, Which will ultimately help to generate employment which is currently required for everyone’s personal and overall growth of belgaum rather than talent from belgaum going out to other cities bcoz of non-availiability of right job/carrers. We need to think from common man point of view, currently in last few days bcoz bus connecitivy interruption lot of ppl on daily basis getting affected becuase of border issue. All connectivitys are closed & i dont know how many of them in their routine life have got already affected. This is all clear Rajiniti tricks all parties are doing for the sake of name & fame in local news papers/media. so tht atleast thy will get chance to clear next elections with border issue being one of the pt. I never felt that ny govt. in karnataka has descriminated to any belgaumite till now. Hopefully everything will cool down very soon and we all belgaumities strt leading cool and happy life..

  4. We should understand that we are INDIAN’S first,and should not indulge ourselves in ligual or religional differences

  5. Good Article
    Let us bury d PAST n LOOK 4 BRIGHT FUTURE
    SHALL WE!?
    Till BJP`s MLA`s slelcted there were only MES MLA`s n what they DID? (we all know)
    At least now things r rolling n we can see ourselves (Like road widening n others things)


  6. Good one Uday, hope all the leaders on both sides realise the same. Nothings going to change, MES needs to realise that they can still be a political party by raising other issues than the border issue. Karnataka state government needs to understand that Belgaum doesnt only mean its Kannada speaking people.
    All in all, the truth we all know, that its for us and our time and generation to change focus from these non developmental issues to more robust action on necessities Belgaum has been lacking in for many years.
    I hope i can go back some day to Belgaum and do my bit for the lovely city and its fun loving people.

  7. HI Uday,

    Fantastic article. Totally agree with u. Although am marathi & not resident of Belgaum, but can easily make it out that all this Border issue is creation of political parties to run their shops from both sides. Just to cover up their inefficiency to devolop the Belgaaum from Karnataka politician and to create emotional sentiment from Maharashtra politician instead of handling other core issues. Nobody intrested in what Belguamites are feeling…who might want just devolopment of city…its irrelevent which state it belong, Karnataka or Maharashtra? Anybody understand how most of project which suppose to come to Belguam region are got captured by Hubli & Dharwar through political influence due to this border issue & Belguam remain undevoloped ispite of having capacity to be progressive city because since ancient time, its one of the commercial city with multi culture, rich with minerals etc.

    I hope Belagumites will understand this core problem & fight united with this dirty politician who playing with your emotion with fire by seating in Bangalore and Mumbai. Lets dream for Devolop Belguam!!!Multiculture Belguam which is its heart where both Marathi+Kannada brothers are living in harmony since ancient time.

  8. one of the greatest blunders in indian history is creation of states on the basis of language.well thats history and we cant change that.but we(indians)cannot keep on fighting among matter what state we are in,politcians,red tape and corruption are rampant everywhere.thus,dosent make a difference what state we belong to.nothing wrong in being proud of ones language,but at the end of the day,language is just a mode of would not be wise to make it an ego far as reservation of jobs for marathi speaking people is concerned,it was a valid argment some years ago,but not anymore.todays youth in this region have studied kannada,and if not have to study it(my mother tongue is marathi by the way).moreover english is the universal language now.what could be done though is to have hindi or english(if not marathi)language used along with kannada, in public places like govt offices,buses,road names,etc.this i would suggest as a matter or convenience and practicality,as many of our previous generation have not studied kannada in school,and this would help them a lot.i sincerely hope that we stop fighting among ourselves and fight for the betterment of belgaum.

  9. Good matter has been discussed above. The advantage of border issue is taking by our own elected politicians & government officials, forget about BGM development but their saving accounts are getting bigger and bigger by eating our development money. And print media is happy to get front headlines. If at all somebody wanna take responsibilities for development of our city (BGM) it is we people need to understand & act accordingly. None of the big industries are ready to invest in any of the BGM projects and our neighboring cities getting it as a piece of cake. As long as we fight with each others on border issue that where will be BGM in coming days then am afraid by that time it will be very late to realize that Belgaum has lost its glory?
    If anybody who don’t agree with my above comments please do write so I can correct myself if am wrong?

  10. Good matter is discussed above, both the MARTHI & KANNADA people have their own views and print media is getting good gossip/masala to make headlines for tomorrows newspaper. As said by Mr. Uday BGM is always in limelight for non-development, if we keep on getting with each other, when the city will develop and how big industries will invest? Have we not seen enough in recent past many industries went to our neighboring cities. Who is responsible for non-development of our city (BGM)? Isn’t our first priority to Develop our city “Belgaum” then think of other issues.

    As long as we fight where will be BGM in coming days & am afraid by that time it will be very late to realize that Belgaum has lost its glory? These Fabricated Political Parties are just interested to come in power and do dictatorship on religion issues as and when festivals comes. Centre Government sanctioned good amount for development of BGM but none has been utilize properly. But guarantee size of the accounts is developing of our elected leaders and some of our Govt. officials.

    we BGM people brought-up live and work together it doesn’t matter which languages we speak but have respect for each other. Still matter is pending in Supreme Court and final verdicts yet to come? Whatever may be the verdicts it will not affect to BGM people but sure it will deeply affect all MAKEUP fabricated political parties who are trying to dominant their leadership for up coming elections and they’re preparation is on high side.

    We BGM people have every thing in common to enjoy and share, but these political parties taking advantage of our innocent-nesses and taking this matter to different stage and heights just for their own profits.

    If anybody who don’t agree with my above comments please do write so I can correct myself if am wrong?

    Good work Uday one day will be paid for it.

  11. Hi Uday, how ru doin? some comments posted above which deliver the discrimination between kannada n marathi is not to be considered. anyways i being a kannada person, never believe in these deliveries. I always hat treated both the languages as my own languages. We live, enjoy n accept both of them n is being followed from decades. so i wld like to say something to ajay dat we al r one n wil be, in d future. Whatever be the controversies, lets be belgaumites n stay together as we are n were from decades. thank u so much for ur time uday for updating the news daily since I am no more in belgaum from past 7 yrs n makin me feel belgaum’s atmosphere:)

  12. I completely agree with the agreement…. we are fighting without any point of view…… we are not from karnataka or maharastra…. but we are INDIANS……

  13. Marathi and Kannada – such great languages with deep cultural histories. Every Belgaumite should be proud of both of them. Very few cities in India can boast of such a rich linguistic and cultural heritage. I spent the last 10 years of my life in Bangalore and Mumbai and was at home in both the places, thanks to my birth and upbriinging in Belgaum; Few people would be able to say that.

  14. Guys I think Uday contridicts himself. Once he is supporting the Marathi clan (being himself a marathi I think so). As per Prasad its true few months back he wrote an article pitying the marathi people and on and on and whining the whole 9 yards. Anyways as I said before 1st thing get rid of the councilars in the city Municipality. Elect the councialrs based on thier education, profession and what they can do for the city and to thier wards, not how much corrupt they can be. Once u do that next is MLA and MP. This will be the best way to exercise democracy.


    • Jaydev I hope you need to follow udays work closely, I think he is more focused on issues pertaining to development and infrastructure..he doesn't really write much about border dispute…his whole exercise is get that good drift from border row to development…check our activities and articles in allaboutbelgaum, itbelgaum, belgaumnext and i am sure you will have a different perspective
      Rajeev Topannavar

      • Thank for ur feedback Rajeev.
        Anyways for your kind info, I do check the website daily and read the articles. I do speak 5 different languages, so dont think I am anti Marathi or anything like that. My point is, there is minimal development in Belgaum becos of this stupid, baseless and pointless border issue. Look at Hubli how prosperous and Industrial it has become!!!. The Politicians are not gonna do anything that benefits the citizen of belgaum. They are selfish, corrupt etc etc. get my point. Its time the people should abandon or bypass these politicians and take action and develop the city.


  15. Belgaum was in Karnatak region of the Bombay Pesidency..Commissioner`s office,District Court etc.Because of Maratha Light Infantry and the migration of people from Goa the population of Marathi speaking people went up in the city ( but not in the Belgaum District!)..District Board continued to be
    dominated by Kannada speaking members.In the Census of 1950 many KONKANI speakers were recorded
    as Marathi speakers! So State Reorganisation Commission (SRC) included Belgaum in the Mysore State
    which was later named Karnataka State.Pataskar formula favoured Village as a unit for reorganisation but
    SRC followed District as a basis since it took into consideration such factors as History,Administrative convenience, proximity to hinterland etc.

  16. Politicians and Paper Media establishments have benefited from this border disputes, people of belgaum have blindingly followed them. They are established now………The ultimate suffer was the people of belgaum….. lost foundries to Kolhapur ……. People of GOA coming for shopping to belgaum every weekend, stoped coming, moving towards hubli….. the loss was faced by whom THE PEOPLE OF BELGAUM. Belgaum would have been far ahead if the border issue was not blown out of proportion. THINK people of belgaum dont fall for these politicians and paper media grow out of it…. I think one generation has lost to make an impact…. Give a chance to the genNext they are trying to make a difference…. support Belgaum Next

  17. If you see till 10 year back MES was representing Belgaum in the state and they never had a good relationship with CM nor with any other MLAs from North karnataka region.And even they never bothered to take up real issues of Belgaum with the CM/Government. What all they did was to Boycott. Lets try to forget the past.

    Recently things are moving but pace is very slow. Belgaum has failed to utilize Rs 100 Cr – CM grant effectively when compared to other cities of karanataka. No work has got completed. Everything is mostly on paper. Our repesentatives are good for nothing and so as the corporation.

    Why are we not questioning our represntative? Why are we keeping quiet? is it because “We are Belgaumites”?

    Enough of conferences.. enough of articles and enough of comments

    May be its the time to act…

    • Prasad,
      there hasnt been one conferernce yet in the past to discuss infrastrucutre issues in Belgaum, I think you dont know what we are aiming,
      Infact its only us who has come openly and criticized about the 100 crore misuse as said by you is true…
      our main aim behind the conference is to make people aware of the funds that are going to come in this year and near future, We are trying to tell people that how their money was wrongly used…
      We also want to tell the administration and politicians that we want the funds to be utilized after consultation with local communities/neighborhoods…
      after the conference is over and we will come out with a set of objectives to be achieved in terms of infrastructure ..
      We really mean business and we are not here for just blogging, I am sure u will see things happening
      I would really like you to participate and be a part of this transformation, talking is easy but doing things come with a price and added baggages

      • Rajeev
        I have been following Belgaum Next from the time you started on the net. But have not been clear of the concepts. I've not been able to understand why would the Corporation or any other govt. body prefer to listen to you. I'm sure they have their own share of Politicians to sanction some amounts, The same have their share in the amounts provided. They are the people who decide for the contractors. Nither does the corporation have a say sometimes. The Corporation does take decisions of what could probably be done with the money like Proposals, Budget, Estimate, and some contractors below a specific Budget. etc.

        • I dont know how are you planning to affect this decision making. Cuz it could be done only at proposal lvl. Thereby we can only impose on the Corporation at priliminary lvl. Else the procedure is irreversable. Else we could form another unorganised team.

          If possibe do post of how are you planning to get your objectives in place and how would you convince the govt. bodies to take your opinion. How do you take the public poll to decide what is best for them. What is your personal interest is doing so. Please do not give us a political statement. Probably, if it was purely for the public your meetings would'nt have been in EEFA.

          The best way would be to educate the govt. personals enough so that they know what are they doing. i.e. Be a important part of the Corporation. An NGO to support the govt. bodies could help.

          You being the first to take such an initiative we surely appretiate your efforts. But are only worried if you be one other politician. Which makes no difference.

  18. Couldnt agree more with this article, as a proud belgaumite myself. I proudly claim that i speak both Kannada and Marathi and consider them both as my own languages. When i am asked where i come from and what language i speak, i proudly say i come from belgaum but struggle with the second part of the question.

  19. Uday good article, i think we need to take this step aggressively , this is the right time to take our initative in the minds of people and tell them an alternate solution exists and thats bascially on developing the city and building a smarter and advanced society.



    • hey as per census 2010, apprx 60% kannada speaking n 40% marathi speaking people are found, ajay u r in 1980 still!!!

    • Tired of hearing such words!… when we will raise above such mentalities? For once let us say we are Belgaumites and we would like to put the development of city ahead of our linguistic divides?

  21. bhai hope u Remember ur words few months back posted same on Border issue i have yet kept it

    we as Belgaumites have a different DNA built in where both Marathi and Kannada go hand in hand. All of us have a Kannada or a Marathi friend and we speak both the languages love each other.
    If ‘Mumbai for Marathis’ then “ Belaum for Belgaumites”.

    i just Love these words 🙂

  22. I totally agree here. In the whole of India we Belgaumites are proud that we are in a city where language has been no barrier. Also, because of the various languages being spoken in Belgaum we are able to communicate in most Indian states with ease.
    The politicians with an intention to create VOTE Bank are always playing with delicate issues of religion, caste and language which still an Indian citizen is very much worried about. So we as a citizen should not fall to their trap and never support any organization trying to bring lines of rift.
    Rightly said above "In a market, goods are sold only when there is a market." It still seems like a lot of people are still interested in such things. Lets work for progress of the city and think for next 20yrs than go 50yrs back creating rift between brotherhood cities.

    These politicians are not worried about China encroaching Indian territory and find themselves helpless.

  23. Rightly summarized, Belguamites need to channel their energy for the overall development and infrastructure of the city.

    • hi
      yes the issue of belgaum is if different, as of now in late 80's there was a trouble for we marathi people to adopt kannada, but in late 90's kannada was complusary & hence we marathi people know the same from childhood
      hence united we stand & be in belgaum karnataka, as young force is out of belgaum for work
      i hope that these catogery do not have problem for other state language & be in belgaum karnataka
      there is a new era of where development is happening & we should focuse on it & all educated people unite & develope belgaum in all form
      there r up & down of belgaum now its time to unite & fight against these issue & be in karnataka

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