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Dhananjay Mahadik India hockeys dragflicker from Belgaum


Dragflicker Dhananjay Mahadik feels short corners will be India’s strong point in the forthcoming hockey World Cup starting on Sunday.

Dhananjay was born in Shriwal district of Satara.


After facing hardship at the age of 16 after his father, personnel in the Bombay Fire Brigade department expired Dhananjay shifted to Belgaum after passing class 7th to join Boy Sports Company and ever since there’s no looking back.

He works in the Indian Army.

He first picked a hockey stick in 1994 and since then he is obsessed with it.

From the age of 14 he was in the school in Belapur and it was during the computer testing that the institution found out that he was outstanding in physical fitness and had an aptitude for hockey. So he had to undergo training for three years and since then there has been no looking back. He represented the country in junior World Cup and got the opportunity to play in the senior team in the South Asian Games and now in the world cup.

Thanks Amar Kulkarni.



  1. This is a Great News indeed..
    But what we as a responsible Belgaumite feel is that-
    "Even if a Belgaumite was an extra-player in the Cricket Team then you can imagine how much everyone would have propogated his Name".

    Here Mr. Dhananjay is best player in form in our Hockey team but can anyone find any appreciation or publicity anywhere in the city or in any of the sports club?
    Alas! Cricket has overshadowed all the Games in our Country.

  2. Great…….! he played really well as a defender against Pakistan..
    Hope to see more action from him in the upcoming matches…… CHAK DE INDIA..!

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