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History of the Royceton Gomes Memorial Football Tournament

Royceton Gomes
Royceton Gomes

The history that precedes this tournament, dates back to August 25, 1979, when a little boy, Royceton Gomes, aged nine, was studying in standard 3 at St. Paul’s High School in Belgaum city. On that fateful day he went on a picnic with his parents to Gokak Falls. Royceton left the house all excited, but never to return.

He met his end in a shallow canal adjoining the dam at the picnic spot near the falls. The hazardous waters swept him away. Later, his body was recovered after a search operation. His parents were in shock.


Royceton had been very fond of football. It drove his father, Joe Gomes, to start a football tournament in his memory. In 1981, a few of Joe Gomes’s close friends started the tournament on St. Paul’s ground. Over the years it has gained popularity and today,  the tournament is one of the most-looked forward to annual event. Participants are not only the local schools but also teams from Mumbai, Pune and Goa for the invitation cup.

2013 Cup

This tournament has seen one of the most disciplined teams playing each other. The standard of the teams has also on the rise with the passage of time.

Many of those reading this might have just remembered themselves playing or cheering, the atmosphere is thrilling and the under 13 lads just play good football. 




  1. I was a member of the St Pauls Team which won the Royceton Gomes Memorial Football Tournament in the year 1984.
    Still remember those days when i see the boys playing today,

  2. once played in ninth class from rashrtiya military school belgaum
    also our team qualified for the semi finalist..
    lost against goans…

  3. Rightly said… The atmosphere in these games is just so awesome…

    Even tough this tournament takes place in the mid of heavy rainy season, people won’t stop coming to witness the matches being played…

    Proud to be a Paulite… 🙂


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