Mantri KPL II begins today Belagavi Panthers ready


The Mantri KPL Season II is all set to begin and the teams are busy getting their act together, determined to win the prestigious trophy this year.

Belagavi Panthers the runners up of season I will battle it out from the first match starting today.
The Belgavi Panthers has in its ranks experienced players like captain J Arun Kumar, Manish Pandey and Vinay Kumar. J Arun Kumar scored the most runs (326 ) in the first year of Mantri KPL I while Manish Pandey holds the record for the highest scorer (112 not out) and Vinay Kumar was the second highest wicket taker (14 wickets).
Apart from the known stars the Belgavi Panthers have exciting prospects this year in the form of left arm fast bowler Parappa Mordi, speedster Ronit More who is a product of the MRF Pace Foundation and Zeeshan Ali Syed. The Belgavi Panthers team which represents the Belgaum Zone is owned by Sangeetha Mobiles and Subhas Enterprises.

The Panthers will play their matches in Bangalore & Hubli.


Date Time Teams Venue
16.9.10 2.30 p.m Belagavi Panthers vs Malnad Gladiators KSCA
8.00 p.m Provident Bangalore(Rural) vs Bijapur Bulls
17.9.10 2.45 p.m Shamanur Davangere Diamonds vs Malnad Gladiators KSCA
6.30 p.m Mangalore United vs Mysore Maharaajas
18.9.10 2.45 p.m Provident Bangalore(Rural) vs Shamanur Davangere Diamonds KSCA
6.30 p.m Bangalore Brigadiers (Urban) vs Belagavi Panthers
19.9.10 11:00 AM Mysore Maharaajas vs Malnad Gladiators KSCA
2:45 PM Bijapur Bulls vs Mangalore United
6:30 PM Provident Bangalore(Rural) vs Bangalore Brigadiers (Urban)
20.9.10 2.45 p.m Bijapur Bulls vs Belagavi Panthers KSCA
6.30 p.m Mangalore United vs Shamanur Davangere Diamonds
21.9.10 2.45 p.m Bangalore Brigadiers (Urban) vs Mysore Maharaajas KSCA
6.30 p.m Bijapur Bulls vs Malnad Gladiators
22.9.10 11.00 a.m Provident Bangalore(Rural) vs Mangalore United Manipal
2.30 p.m Belagavi Panthers vs Shamanur Davangere Diamonds
23.9.10 9.30.a.m Mangalore United vs Malnad Gladiators Manipal
1.30 p.m Bijapur Bulls vs Mysore Maharaajas
24.9.10 9.30 a.m Bangalore Brigadiers(Urban) vs Shamanur Davangere Diamonds Manipal
1.30 p.m Provident Bangalore(Rural) vs Malnad Gladiators
25.9.10 9.30 a.m Belagavi Panthers vs Mysore Maharaajas Hubli
1.30 p.m Bangalore Brigadiers(Urban) vs Mangalore United
26.9.10 9.30 a.m Provident Bangalore(Rural) vs Mysore Maharaajas Hubli
1.30 p.m Bijapur Bulls vs Shamanur Davangere Diamonds
27.9.10 9.30 a.m Malnad Gladiators vs Bangalore Brigadiers (Urban) Hubli
1.30 p.m Belagavi Panthers vs Mangalore United
28.9.10 11:00 AM Mysore Maharaajas vs Shamanur Davangere Diamonds KSCA
2:45 PM Bijapur Bulls vs Bangalore Brigadiers (Urban)
6:30 PM Provident Bangalore (Rural) vs Belagavi Panthers
29.9.10 2.45 p.m TOP 1 vs TOP 4 KSCA
6.30 p.m TOP 2 vs TOP 3
30.9.10 6.30 p.m WINNER OF S/F-1 VS 2 KSCA

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  1. @ Rohit
    The English men (British) would really be sad to see that change in the name from BELGAUM to some vernacular accent..:-)
    I wish we had done this, right after the independence….. !

  2. First of all i request Sangeeta enterprise to change the name of Belagavi panthers to Belgaum panthers or Belgaon panthers since there is no official permission of change in the city's name and these people just like to hurt our sentiments by just doin these cheap things.


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