Super Kings Win the PVG Belgaum Premier League


Match finished at 1.07 pm. Story up at 1.07pm.

In a sort of one-sided game the Belgaum super kings won the first ever PVG Belgaum Premier League T 20 tournament playing against PVG Warriors.

PVG Warriors scored only 83 runs loss of 10 wickets where as the Belgaum Super Kings managed to achieve the target in   14.3 overs for the loss of 5 wickets.

Super kings have proven to be on the top by winning by one runs in two matches and the super win the semis in the super over. In the league matches also super kings had won against PVG

Belgaum Super Kings is a Franchisee owned by Siddaganga Oil Extractions.








  1. kudos to belgaum super kings !!!
    they have proven that it takes more than just "big names" to win a tournament after all !!
    it was pleasing to see the so called "FAVOURITES" get a beating with their own sitck !!

    the team believed in themselves and that is what showed in their performance TOO !!
    cant wait for the next edition

    hail belgaum superkings !! CHEEERRRSSSS

  2. 3 Jan 10

    The Finals of BPL saw history being created, as the very First BPL Trophy was won by the Belgaum Superkings, who put up very good bowling, batting ,fielding and immense energy for this.

    The Belgaum Superkings team played an amazing game and enjoyed it too, as they played without any pressure, from either the Coach Mr. Pramod Kamat or the Franchisee/Owner Mr. N.J. Shivkumar, M.D. Siddaganga Oil Extraction Pvt. Ltd.
    The players had been instructed to play the game in the right spirit and go and put their skills to work.

    The PVG Warriors, headed by Captain Deepak Chougle, started very shakily as they lost a wicket in the very first ball of the first over. Then onwards the Batsman fell like skittles, but did put up a score of 83 runs in 18.2 overs, within the stipulated 20 overs match. Batsmen Raju Bhatkal made a contribution of 27 runs and Barath Chipli made 10 runs in the overall score. The wickets fell to very good bowling.

    The bowling attack of the Belgaum Superkings started with ace bowler, Anirudh Joshi in the very first ball taking the opening wicket, and the went onto bowl an excellent spell of 4 overs, taking 3 wickets and conceding 14 runs.

    The Belgaum Superkings reply began with the run out of Raj Shanbal in the second over with 7 runs on the score card in the second over. One more wicket fell and the score card showed 16 runs for the loss of 2 wickets.

    The Belgaum Superkings’ supporters, who till now were cheering at the top of their voices, started to feel the pressure, and kept low for a while, but again started to encourage their team incessantly.
    Anirudh Joshi and Shoaib put up 20 runs and 34 runs respectively, with Shoaib hitting five 4s.
    From then onwards the spectators saw amazing victory cheers by the supporters, even before the completion of the target of 84 runs and the final score was achieved in 14.4 overs.

    Anirudh Joshi was declared the Man of the Match and the man of the series was won by the Captain of Belgaum Superkings, Chetan Williams for taking 21(Highest) wickets in the BPL tournament and scoring 94 runs, together in all the nine matches.

    The Belgaum Cricketers with the Hubli and Bangalore players were a happy lot after the win. The Belgaum boys, especially Rohan Kadam, had the best opportunity to play such a prestigious BPL tournament, which is the first District level Cricket in entire India and the chance to be noticed for better prospects in cricketing career.

    Belgaum witnessed entertaining Cricket and Mr. Brijesh Patel, who was the Chief Guest of the evening, promised to develop the Cricket scene in Belgaum and thanked and appreciated the huge crowd of cricket lovers and supporters.

    The Franchisee/ Owner Mr. N.J. Shivkumar of Belgaum Superkings received the Trophy and the cash prize. Being a Cricket lover and above all, being a Belgaumite, put in humongous effort, along with his sons, Kunal and Sagar in building the team, together with the Coach and the players, in bringing good cheer to Belgaum.

    The Winning team Belgaum Superkings had a Victory Rally in the City too!

    Hope BPL, will grow in excitement and talent every year in Belgaum District and bring the deserving players from the all the smaller places into the much wanted cricketing talent in National and International levels.

    Three Cheers to the very First Winners of the BPL Trophy, the Belgaum Superkings!


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