Belgaum Trivia 7

love dale belagavi

Here is the 7th Quiz.

NHIM belagavi

At what event was this photo taken?

Where was Shreekrishna theatre?

Who is person shaking hands with Shri.Lal Bhadur Shastri?

Identify the lady in the picture?

Name the road which leads to Nanawadi via Kagal Hospital from Congress Road?

What is the Sex ratio of women for every Thousand Men in Belgaum ?

What is the per capita income of Belgaum district?

Where is the GA high school and PU college situated?

Identify the place?

Trinity Belagavi


  1. it is very knowledgible and I request you to float the quiz alteast twice in a week. So that everybody will be updated on the knowledge front of our own city.

  2. i dont remember that ShreeKrishan theatre is at Kirloskar Road..its BalKrishana and Ritz Shree Krishna is at RamlingKhind Galli near Tilak Chowk..

  3. People who are identified on this site as Belgaum Data banks/Personality (like Satish Kumar, Uday, Belgaum stars, Young guns, Belgaum has IT team etc) should not play this trivia, they are only eligible & capable to play mastermind quiz which Belgaumites keep on asking them like Belgaum IT future, upcoming industries, creating forums , Belgaum economy statistics etc…………………………… 🙂

  4. Very fantastic.Please do keep floating quiz like this to make Belgaumites aware of their own city. May be a bus service caled belgaum darshan showing Belgaum and its surroundings may become viable.