Old PB road Over bridge tender to KPR Constructions

The tender for the work of the Railway over bridge on OLD PB road in lieu of LC No.388 at Belagavi has been awarded to KPR Constructions, Hyderabad.

Bella Vista Belagavi

old-pb-road-gate-dharwadProposed Construction of ROB 1x24m Composite Girder (Railway Portion) and 4x18m PSC Girder with RE panels (Approach Portion) for four lane traffic at Km.611/900 – 612/000 in lieu of LC No.388 at Belagavi which is OLD PB Road.

The estimated cost of the same is Rs.12,56,32,057 and the time duration for the completion of the work is stipulated to 9 months.

The ROB at Kapileshwar LC 385 is 19.5 Crores and the work is in progress but will take at least 2 more months for completion.

The work on this ROB is expected to commence after the Kapileshwar ROB is completed.