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Sunday, August 18, 2019

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3 two wheelers burnt at Nakshatra colony

3 two-wheelers burnt at Nakshatra colony

  3 bikes were burnt to ashes at around 3 AM. These bikes were parked in front of their home at Scheme No 51 Nakshatra...
dust road

Dust your way out

From eye allergies to back-aches, the abysmal condition of the roads in Belagavi has also witnessed an increase among such conditions caused by bad...
pollution belagavi

High pollution levels in Belagavi says scientific report

Belagavi which was a village earlier is slowly moved to Tier 2 city and heading to the higher rank as development in the city...
commissioner of police office cop

Belagavi also put on High alert

  Bengaluru and major town in the state have been put on ‘high alert’ from Friday evening, with increased visibility of police forces across the...

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Floods gone by, lest we forget the pain and agony

Belagavi recently saw one of the worst floods in its history maybe with the entire...

Bengaluru – Belagavi Tatkal special Train is now regularized

The Bengaluru- Belagavi Tatkal Special Train which has got tremendous response from the people has...
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Movies as on 16-08-2019

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100 Feet Monumental flag installed at Belagavi Railway Station

In order to instill a sense of patriotism amongst citizens of India 100 feet flag...

Reinterpreting independence

by Swatee Jog Years ago when I edited a children’s newspaper, we had declared an essay...

DC hoists the national flag

For the first time in many years, (maybe 30) the national flag will be hoisted...
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