National Flag Not Flying Due to Unpaid Bill

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One of the Tallest flags at Fort Lake in Belagavi hasn’t been waving high not because of any work stoppage, but because the city corporation hasn’t paid the contractor’s bill. This bill, amounting to about six lakh rupees, is still pending reports the Sakal Daily.

The halt in flag hoisting happened just after the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections, causing concern. Belagavi North MLA Raju Sait checked in with the Municipal Corporation’s department about this issue. He suggested that the overdue bill be cleared promptly so that the national flag could flutter again. But unfortunately, his suggestion hasn’t been taken up by the construction department.

The contractor, who’s responsible for maintaining the flagpole and the national flag, hasn’t received payment for several months now. Although the contractor submitted the bill to the building department, it hasn’t been approved yet. This delay has led the contractor to halt the work.

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The need to hoist a new national flag arose when the old one got damaged in strong winds on 18th March. However, bringing a new flag from Mumbai comes at a cost of around 96 thousand rupees. Given the unpaid bill, the contractor rightly demanded payment before proceeding. Despite continuous follow-ups for the past month, the Municipal Corporation hasn’t approved the bill yet.

9 thoughts on “National Flag Not Flying Due to Unpaid Bill”

  1. National Flag is our national pride and it should always be flying high. Name of the department who is holding the payments, responsible officer also to be named. Contractor also to clarify if all relevant supporting documents are submitted along with the invoices for the department and officers to approve the bill.

    if it is made transparent the process of approval will be improved.

  2. But why this contractor has to maintain it…why not municipal or district authority maintain it…shame and stupidity of government and the politicians…

  3. It’s a shame that the corporation cannot do this job.
    National flag is our pride & the concerned officials must take immediate steps to ensure that it keeps flying at all times.

    • That cloth is our national flag for which our elders have sacrificed their lives. The amount of tax what we pay, this amount (90K) can be covered by my taxes only let alone other civilians.

  4. It’s not cloth bro ,,,,,stop giving 5 guarante to people ,,,,everything is fine for flying high our national flag ,,,,it’s my country and I feel proud of it as it goes high ,,,,,,,,discuss about stopping the guarante schemes we can save lot of tax .


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