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This is Belagavi’s BEST PERSONAL blog dedicated for the city.
Uday the dreamer behind AAB
and his team keep this blog updated so that others from Belagavi are also updated with the latest happenings from their home town.

All About Belgaum has been the wonderful task of scripting the little things that exist and little things that matter to this wonderful place.
All About Belgaum is just a script of Belagavi and for Belagavi and when it comes to the question of our identity; we take great pride in not calling ourselves the media.
We are far different and far beyond since we aspire to be the voice of Belagavi. We do our best to be just a representative of true and free journalism devoid of political/ religious/linguistic bias and pressures.

Nestled cosy in a less remembered corner of the world is a little town that has always been a wonderful place to live, a town blessed with the best elements of weather, wonderfully contented people, lovely educational institutions, arts, creativity, culture, food and everything that just seems so blessed. Its a town thats waking up to its potential, opening doors for others to make it their home and conquering its own share of issues and limitations. What happens in Belagavi and at All About Belgaum, is in a way symbolic of what happens in the rest of the world.

We are proud of our little accomplishments but wish not to rest on our trivial laurels. We embark on another year of commitment with the wish and hope that we become more than just a showcase for the various issues that we highlight. We wish to, in our own way, be an important tool of change through the presentation of the various issues that directly or indirectly affect all of us. We seek to be the source of inspiration through our presentations on various distinguished Belgaumites. We wish to to be the source of unity and harmony as we acquaint people with various aspects of various cultures and religions that our wonderful city is blessed with. We wish to continue this journey in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner. It is in making a difference that we seek to be different.
If it is in the best interests of Belagavi, only then is it truly “All About Belgaum”!! 

23 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I am the new follower of this site. Nice to keep in touch with the beautiful(was)and exciting town.
    Keep it up and tks UkMaD

  2. Dear Uday,

    I regularly read the contents of this site.

    I was born in Belgaum and during my childhood days the summar vacation of 3 months or so, i used to spend in Belgaum. I cannot forget the golden moments of those days of late fifties.

    I wish you publish photographs of various places, the roads, temples, theatres, etc, which can be viewed by people of my age (60 +,-) who are settled out of Belgaum for some reasons. They can feel the presence of being still in belgaum.


  3. I would like to start a club of Antique Collectors in Belgaum. As you are all aware that we do not have a single club, association or organisation which promotes this activity in Belgaum. I would like interested people in Belgaum to get in touch with me.
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell: 99458 10071

  4. @ Uday… thanks a lot for this wonderful sight… i did my engineering in belgaum and ever since i have fell in love with this place…i love everything about belgaum…JNMC place for pani puri, dosa place, pav bhaji, tilakwadi, RPD, 1st gate, 2nd gate…i miss it a lot, i wish there wud have been more IT companies so that i cud settle there rather in abroad….i just love belgaum to the core, after my hometown (goa) and pune, belagum is the place i love to be in….cool place to hang out and enjoy without anybody's interference… and for biryani….Niyaz…..thks again…

  5. Hi Uday.. It's really nice to see your blogsite.. I am a pediatrician, with my busy schedule although two newspapers are 'thrown' at our doorstep, and two TVs – one with tatasky & one with 'In cable' at home, there is no time to read or sit in front of the tele… But i'm fond of computers and atleast half to an hour i spare on web everyday… Your site is the best replacement (New age & a Modern replacement) for local news instead of Newspapers or TV… Thanks a lot..
    Hats off for the work & time u put in to update ur site in real time…
    5 stars for http://www.allaboutbelgaum.com & 7 Stars for Uday..

    Dr. Anand Karkal
    Belgaum Children's Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

  6. First thing you do with an website is give an option of how to CONTACT..
    I guess many must have tried in vain as I did too and lost the patience,
    Good work,
    First thing you need to do is:
    let people contact you, give an easier access..
    Rest all hats off to you, great work

  7. Uday…. Great work man!!… I love Belgaum city to the core… i really wish to come back and settle down… i read your website almost everyday, makes me more nastologic.. My days in Sharman school, Benonsmith , RLS and GCC were simply unforegettabe… back in 2000 we would visit station around 1.30 night and have cutting chai and spl omlete that was too good.
    Lucky to be part of wonder city… Thanks uday for bringing closer again 🙂

  8. hello Belgaum-ites
    From last one year m noticing, people from Chikkodi,nipani, gokak are want to disconnect with Powerful city. As per i know, united will be powerfull. So please take some move & help to be united.
    Belgaum Lover.

  9. Dear sir, I the student of Gogte College of commerce. I wanted some information about your Aequs enterprisis to write a assignment. I will be very thank full to you if you allow me to write. l hope so your answer will be in poitive.


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