Dr. Ravi B Patil – Belagavi Uttar – top priority is the development of infrastructure and job creation

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In reply to our post Contesting Candidates: Where Is the Election Manifesto Honey?, Dr. Ravi B Patil candidate from Belagavi Uttar spoke to AAB about his manifesto and priorities.

Dr. Ravi B Patil, the official Bharatiya Janata Party candidate for Belagavi Uttar Assembly Constituency, has made it clear that his top priority is the development of infrastructure and job creation. He is committed to providing the residents of the constituency with good water facilities, road infrastructure, internal drainage systems, government hospitals, and upgraded government schools.

Dr. Patil is also focused on creating more job opportunities in Belagavi city by providing incentives to those involved in established industries, IT, BT, real estate, and building construction. He believes that appropriate programs should be formulated for high-level development works, including the opportunity to establish a metro rail in Belagavi city, which will take the city to new heights. Also, he plans to lay more emphasis on the healthcare sector, where affordable care can be provided.

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In addition to these initiatives, Dr. Patil plans to provide well-equipped bus facilities, bus stops, and better facilities at the railway station. He is committed to ensuring that the development of the constituency continues. He believes that peace and order are essential for the growth and prosperity of the constituency and that there should be no riots or stone pelting.

Dr. Patil’s vision for the constituency is ambitious, but he is confident that with hard work and dedication, it can be achieved. He is committed to creating a supportive environment for the public and providing them with the necessary infrastructure and job opportunities to thrive.

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