Bapu & Bitto- Strange coordinations

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Bittoo: Bapu!

Bapu: Yes Bittoo.

Bittoo: Very often, may it be development works or those related to operation and maintenance, there is no proper coordination between the elected representatives, the officials and the contractors resulting in either inordinate delays or a sub-standard quality of works as reflected in our city roads and streets, problems due to drainage lines and without them, etc.

Bapu: That’s true Bittoo. Every MLA, MP, Minister and Chief Minister and top officials in the administration have been pointing out this in every review meetings but there is very little improvement in this regard.

Bittoo: But there appears to be perfect coordination between them when it comes to preparing bills and making payments Bapu?

Bapu: I don’t know Bittoo!

This is a citizen-centric new column, wherein the author(Bitto) is an ordinary, politically unaffiliated common man of the city who in his/her inimitable approach takes up various issues with the Bapu’s soul! Apparently, the interaction between them portrays ironies of sorts encountered by the common man and others in the city in a lighter vein. The author’s name will not be disclosed to the readers as he/she represents the common man of the society. This column aims at creating awareness and sensitising cross sections of our city on various issues of public concern only but in a lighter vein without holding any contempt against any institution or individual.

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