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logoamrutAMRUT PHARMACEUTICALS at Amrut Nagar, Hindalga, Belgaum 591108 is a very reputed name in the field of ayurvedic medicines since 1938. All the products are result oriented and are of high efficacy.

With a wide range, AMRUT has products for all types of problems. More over their products are free from any kind of side effects and are very economical.

With a very strong presence in nine states, and area expanding every year AMRUT plans to be on the national level in couple of years.

With a very dedicated team of field staff, they make sure their products are available on every counter to serve the people. AMRUT has always believed in serving the people which is their primary aim. Over 20 lakhs of units sold every year it is our quality and trust people have in our products.

Various media campaigns are undertaken to create awareness of our products. We have been serving the people from more than 65 years and our sales growing by leaps and bounds year after year.

They have been making use of the latest technology in our R & D section to develop new products and serving our customers to the optimum.


The Origins of Amrut Pharmaceuticals go back to the year 1938 when it was started in a humble way as a home industry by Late Vaidyaraj Ramchandra Joshi and Late Smt. Mai Ramchandra Joshi. It took a dynamic and visionary person like Late Dr. Sharad Ramchandra Joshi who could foresee the potential of Ayurveda to make Amrut Pharmaceuticals the present day multi-crore and multi-faceted venture. The  80 year old legacy has been time and again tested by circumstances. Amrut Pharmaceuticals has proudly withstood the tough times with its unshaken stress on quality, consistent principles and relentless perusal for development. 

The basis for this meteoric development of Amrut Pharmaceuticals began by creating awareness about the potential of Ayurveda and the mass appeal of the ayurvedic products manufactured by us. This Strategy proved so effective that within a short span the name Amrut Pharmaceuticals become a household name and its products became a thing which almost every house started using. Huge demand for the products made it necessary to open new outlets at places like Kolhapur, Cochin and Hyderabad.


 The year 1982 saw the firm Amrut Pharmaceuticals get a face-lift with a brand new, modern and state-of-the art plant situated at Amrutnagar, Hindalga Belgaum. The latest techniques and the best technicians gave a new meaning to the term Ayurvedic medicine. Very efficient human resource management coupled with cost effective production made Amrut Pharmaceuticals a very successful, wide spread and massively popular venture. Late Dr. Sharad Joshi, who was a multi-dimensional personality, gave Amrut Pharmaceuticals its modern day status. He had a bachelor’s degree in science along with a degree in Ayurveda- Ayurved Bishak. Late Dr. Sharad Joshi had also obtained his masters degree in arts and a degree in law. He had a wide -spread and very active public and social life. Late Dr. Sharad Joshi was a great blow to the blooming and blossoming Amrut Pharmaceuticals.

Late Dr. Sharad Joshi
Late Dr. Sharad Joshi


Amrut Pharmaceuticals has been sincerely following the high standards set by Late. Sharad Joshi and is even this day dedicated in keeping his legacy alive. Amrut Pharmaceuticals in consistently perusing the highest levels of quality and is always active in its endeavor to make the un cherished dreams of Late Dr.Sharad Joshi come true.



Products divided into two distinctive categories, they are ETHICAL & O-T-C.amrut1

Ethical: Pama Malam, Amlin Tabs, Gasonil Tabs, Adulsa Compund Syrup, Amtone Drops, Kona Tabs, Arthol Liniment.

Over the counter: Amrut Malam, Saroop Lepa, Narayan Taila, Mahanarayan Taila, Amrut Choorna, Triphala Churna, Gandharva Haritaki, Gulund With Praval, Virex Capsules

Also new products for Diabetics have been recently launched.

Another star of Belgaum, AMRUT PHARMACEUTICALS.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I have been using the product ‘Amrut malam’ regularly from last 20 years and is one of the most amazing product with fantastic performance.

    Sir, Just one request; As i am using this product as a lip balm, it sometimes feel inconvienet to put finger inside the bottle and apply on lips. Also the cap of the bottle breaks very soon 🙁 🙁

    Sir, it would be very easy and convienient for us if the same product’Amrut malam’ is avaialble in tube form or the regular lipstick form. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I have been using Maha Narayan Taila, I find it difficult to procure this product from Chemist here in Pune, could you please direct me to one of your distributors where I can purchase this. Alternately if possible to purchase online please send me link. Thanks.


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